Crisis intervention resources

If you are feeling upset or in crisis, please tell someone — a friend or family member, a teacher, a doctor or therapist or call 911 (if you’re in the U.S.) or the Emergency Medical Services phone number in your country.

You can also call a suicide prevention hotline—these are available in the U.S. and in many other countries.

International crisis hotlines:

Crisis hotlines in the U.S.:

I’m going to leave this thread open so others can add resources they have found helpful. All posts that aren’t crisis intervention resources will be deleted, because we need to keep this clean for users in crisis.

I can’t do this anymore
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Help I cannot donit
I am going to die so I’m telling everyone here bye and it was nice meeting you
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Just phoned A help line- wasted their time it seems. Sz not welcome anywhere in my view
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Cameras everywhere, all people watch me on their TV
Had to ask my boyfriend
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Things I hear
My body doesn't want me to die, but my mind does
I finally did it, I killed myself last week
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The ramblings of an upset madwoman
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I am failure
If you're not suicidal, when do you go to the hospital,?
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I am a nerve away from a whole bottle of vodka
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Has anyone else on this forum ever (TW suicide)
Nevermind Nevermind
I feel bad I feel really bad I never feel good I always feel bad 😑
If you are forced to be a dictator and your appearance is used as verification to execute people, what is the ethical thing to do? Kill yourself?
I really wish i had a heart attack
I tried the 741-741 crisis text line but am getting no response
Im sorry i promise i will not bother anyone anymore.i just wana feel part this community cause im lonley
Suicidal, not coping
TW I have been for a week
Say Anything XCVI 🌮
I make all the wrong choices
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I'm curious to see what happens after death
So many issues with my treatment
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Bye bye… to
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Voice is back, says I can't eat
I am just a shell of my former self
How Insane Can I Get?
Feels like I'm trapped
Ever feel like your throwing you life away
I can't stop crying
I can't stop crying
They're here
I feel like I might just stop
Im so sick of the hospital
I need support
Rant: Panic attacks before work everyday
MoonGardens Cotards
Suicidal thoughts
Feeling like a burden (tw)
I can’t get up from bed
Having suicidal thoughts
I'm being quarantined for corona. Maybe I'll get lucky and die 😂
I told my case manager I feel suicidal
I have been lo fi past few days
So embarassed and feelng suicidal
My husband doesn't want to let me go and I want to die so he will be forced to
My husband doesn't want to let me go and I want to die so he will be forced to
I just want to die
Suicide Assistant
It's new year's day, but I'm not happy
My boyfriend
How Do I? (Another help thread)
Can someone motivate me to study?
I feel triggered I sort of want to go to the hospital
I want to end my life
"I'm dead I'm dead"
Heelp! Asap
I don't love myself anymore
Do you feel like you want die sometimes
I cant keep any friends
I dont understand why im having thoughts of suicide
Hello, I'm worhtless, thank you
Feeling cold...someone help me
I don’t want life TW
There is no mention of Sylvia Plath seeing a doctor for mental health
I dont feel like a deserve to be alive
I know what I am
Official forum rules (updated)
Official forum rules (updated)
Humans new parent thread
One pdoc told me once a strange thing, idk what it means
Random relapse?
I'm struggling
I am upset
Memantine cause delusion
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Say Anything O is for Orangutan
Schizophrenia has ruined my life and my peice of mind. Why should i continue to live?
I'm going to get ready
Scared scared scared scared scared scared
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/spouse?
Scared scared scared scared scared scared
I might be suicidal tw
I hate myself and want to die
Where are the zoom meetings
TW I was suicidal today
Feeling Very Lost
Sometimes I think killing myself
Can someone help me
I feel awful wanna give up
May i know?
Feel so disappointed and sad
My mom sent me some messed up text messages last night
Ugh q515151511
An unshakable conviction
Smokers are in distress here
Everyone's an actor
I feel so miserable
I am unsure whether to leave
Hopeless case
I’m in bad shape
7 day no shower, 2 days no clozapine
Holiday depression support thread
Abusing? Am I?
Not feeling well today. My life is a nightmare
I tried to hurt myself tw
Please please help me
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I am considering the hospital 😟
I'm headed for prison
(TW) life sucks-rant
My mom had a heart attack and died
He died on Friday
Questions about crisis lines (with POLL)
Local Support Line - Covid 19
I think my life just got shortened by a lot
Too sick to sleep; too well for it to be a crisis
Overdosing on meds in the past. trigger warning
I just told myself
I'm consumed by my fears and thinking of suicide
I'm so depressesd I'm considering taking up smoking again
Help - I think im getting Delusional
Should I just end it all
My voices keep saying
Scared I'll be hospitalized
I feel suicidal
Guidelines badge
Searching about
Wow i am screwed
I believe I am being examined and everyone is an actor
Say Anything LIX 🎃
I need two suicide hotline more chat wise
I'm apprehensive about my sister coming up for a visit tomorrow
Suicide ideation
Respect to you
I stopped taking all my meds
Thoughts of suicide
Suicidal feelings
Open and closed doors
Feeling suicidal a bit
I don't want to live anymore
Maybe I should say I don't want to live anymore
Anyone feeling suicidal sometimes
Here We Go Again
Say anything LXXV ☮️

Canada call lines


Canada text lines


Suicide Hotline for SARDAA (U.S.)


Schizophrenia Society of Canada



Veteran Crisis Line


Eating disorder hotline (USA)

If you or someone you love is suffering from an eating disorder, you can call the eating disorder hotline in the US to find services in your area at 1-800-931-2237

You can also text NEDA to 741741 to receive support by text message

To chat online, go to


The National Domestic Violence Hotline (USA)

1 800 799-7233


National Sexual Assault Hotline

Call 1-800-656-4673 or follow the link to online chat for US members.

UK members can call this number

For people in Scotland

In Australia we call 000 when you need police, ambulance or firefighters.



New Yorkers can call the COVID-19 Emotional Support Hotline at 1-844-863-9314 for mental health counseling

National Coronavirus/disaster mental health line for America:

Contact the Disaster Distress Helpline

  • Call 1-800-985-5990

Feel free to add your country’s coronavirus mental health lines.


Directory of emotional support lines in the US:

Heres a crisis/ssafety plan template. Fill it and and read it alot.

When I am Becoming Unsafe:

Things I think or say to myself when I am in, or entering a spiral:

• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)

Things I do or stop doing when I am in, or entering a spiral:

• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)

Signs that other people can look out for that will warn them I am becoming unsafe or I need help:

• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)

How Other People Can Help When I do not Feel Safe:

Things that people can do or say that help me feel better, at least temporarily:

• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)

Things that people might say or do, meaning well, but that make me feel worse:

• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)

Useful phrases to remind me how to ask for help when I feel too bad to remember how:

• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)

How I Can Help Myself When I do not Feel Safe:

Things that I enjoy when I feel less bad:

• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)

Things that distract me or help me to stay calm:

• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)

I am still alive. The reasons I have not chosen to kill myself before are:

• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)

Good / Positive things that other people think or tell me are true about myself:

• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)
• (Type here)


Greece Covid mental health crisis line


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PDF guide to covid and mental illness by NAMI:

Focused on those w/mental illness and substance abuse:

For resources across groups (patients, medical care providers, therapists, etc…):

Mental health America:


Link to find online AA meetings to attend.