Anyone feeling suicidal sometimes

Can’t get rich anymore. Simple pleasures like smoking, alcohol denied. Got bored of wanking. The medication makes me sluggish to exercise. I got memory loss and can’t study. Sz sucks

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I called them last week. The hospital sent me home.
There is really nothing to live for. My Partner and me want to separate, we are making each other sick.

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Yes, sometimes. But grandiose ideas have saved me from death


I have the grandiose idea to live in the forrest on my own without medication.

Yes but it usually passes. Mines related to mood switches though, because it goes away and I’m left wondering why I ever even thought about it.

Life is tough though just gotta find small things to make it better

Sounds like your life situation is causing yours more. Maybe see if you can take up a new hobby of some sort?

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For the past six years I thought about it everyday even though things were slowly improving. I’m sad to say that I was to weak to be content in all circumstances. Now I’m worried about my brother possibly feeling that way. I’m scared. I don’t know how to help him. He hasn’t really said he is but he seems very fragile

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I go through periods of time where I think about it a lot. I can get really scary. I feel alone in it because I don’t really like to talk about to alarm anyone. But when it gets really serious I try to let someone know so they can help keep me safe from taking any actions on it. The problem is I never know when it’s serious or not, it’s hard to tell for me. One of my meds seems to help a lot, Rexulti. It cuts down on the amount of time I think about it. If you’re having thoughts about it you may want to let your clinician know, or your pdoc or someone just to be safe. I say better safe than sorry. And you don’t have to suffer alone when there are so many people who want to help you through it. Anyway I hope you feel better and see blue skies again soon.

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I have done around my menstrual cycle
I have thought when I go upstairs to my flat I thought about just letting myself fall down the stairs

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I get suicidal sometimes. I have been hospitalized because of it several times. I am glad that I didn’t go through with it though. Looking back, the times were extremely difficult but not worth dying over. There is hope. We just have to push on. I pray that you get through this time and feel better soon. if it gets too bad, please go to the ER or something. Take care.

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I never get suicidal anymore.

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I don’t want to die, and don’t have a plan, but sometimes this life is just too difficult to live

the only exception was one time I was listening to Help Is On The Way…but it never came

and a very deep and profound darkness came over me, and I instantly thought about suicide.

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I have transient thoughts of suicide. I spoke to my psychiatrist about it a week ago. They weren’t much help. I have no plans though. I have a strong will to live. So no need to worry.

It’s just the disease can wear a person down sometimes.

Keep fighting @Dunno1 .


I can wank, I guess. It gets better with time. The right meds help. If you’re on high dosages, of course it’s going to be a problem.

I can sort of study but only part time and at home. I guess like others said, grandiose delusions are helpful and planning for the future helps too.

You can afford smoking if you buy an electronic injector, buy the tubes, and buy a 1lb of tobacco. Costs me $60 bucks a month and I smoke like 30-40 cigs a day!

I used to want to be rich too, but I’m fine as long as I got $300-$400 a month in spending money after I pay my rent and food.

I was never interested in alcohol. It sucks. It is poison.

I’m fat and barely exercise. I enjoy walking and listening to music. Maybe you should try this…I’ve been sick for 8 years so I’ve mostly learned to adapt.

I want to stay alive, because I believe I’m in a ■■■■■■■ time loop. :rofl:


I going to play it. Thx for your responses

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Suicidal thoughts comes and goes. There was a time I was suicidal for months on end. That was when my psychiatrist prescribed a mood stabilizer for me.

Today I also feel like I’m in a deep dark hole.

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I realized when you play your suicide in your mind to your own funeral it seems pathetic.

But in the end its just tragic. Thats all.

This theme is like tabu for me, I am afraid people gain powers over me and do not let me do what I decide.

SZ does suck but I think you will have more moments of joy in your life in the future that will make it worth living. Don’t give up hope… Take pleasure in the small things.

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