Questions about crisis lines (with POLL)

I’m sorry. That must have been terrifying. Can I ask which number this was? I know they’re all run by different people with different policies, and the VA in general doesn’t have the greatest track record with mental health.

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I didn’t call, I used the text line and never gave them my real name. I don’t know if that actually helped anything, but it eased my paranoid mind.

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The phone number for the veterans’ crisis line is 1-800-273-8255, then press 1

I don’t want to discourage veterans from calling the crisis line. Maybe my experience was an anomaly.

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I have used a few of them, and it always follows a pattern. They ask me what’s happening, then ask me about steps I can take to address the problem/feel safe. If I don’t know, they give me suggestions. When I called the NEDA hotline, they looked up eating disorder specialists who took my insurance and e-mailed me the list. Then, they confirm that I’m feeling better and have a plan for the future, and they end the conversation. Afterwards, there’s usually a survey to take.

In Scotland we have a anonymous and confidential number we can ring. They don’t get your name, address or telephone number. They are brilliant - have helped my countless times


Can you share it on the Crisis intervention resources page?

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Need help now? Call free on

0800 83 85 87

Would this do? Could you put it in that thread?

Thanks, friend!

I had called a crisis line for suicide.
I told them I wanna die. They told me to go to a hospital

and yet you still won’t go…

I am better than ever. Why should I go?

You… I… What?? Literally 8 hours ago, you said you were hearing the voice of your old psychiatrist. Then, 4 days before that, you said that this voice wanted you to kill yourself. That doesn’t sound like “better than ever” to me.

I was way worse with other meds.
Today, for example, I had no voices. That’s fine

Please stay on topic, people!


Om you literally just said you have 10 different voices.

Sorry I sent that without seeing your reply first.

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What’s your problem dude?

No I called one once and it was helpful and she helped me talk through my feelings and realize that I was upset over a specific situation because I was generalizing that my whole life was horrible and that was why I wanted to die but when she helped me realize I was just upset over that one thing it made me feel better and know it would pass and I’d be ok.


May I know what text line?

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I used it 3 weeks ago it’s 741-741 text “home”. It takes them a while. Can only send one page texts but you can send as many as you want then they connect you with some1