Help I cannot donit

Why am I like this what did I do to be like this

You did nothing wrong, you just have an illness is all.
And you need help.

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No I need to protect hru

Nobody can hear them but you

I would go to the hospital or call emergency psychiatric services if you have those in your area. You can get to a place where it’s less horrible but it takes time and medicine. I know going in sounds rough but it can be the best decision of your life.

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You need to listen to everybody and go the ER. You are obviously and clearly NOT fine. The voices are a symptom. Lots of people on here have that symptom and they understand a lot about voices and when they tell you that voices lie and not to trust them they are right. Voices are a symptom of the disease and what the voices tell you is not correct. You need to take care of yourself and get help.


@Idkhelp. Please let your parents know how you’re feeling and go to the hospital. You sound like you’re currently in crisis and you need to ask for help.


I protected her

You threw the pills out? Wow.

You have exactly zero insight. Please get help! Believing the voices is going to get you nowhere fast.

Everyone here trying to help you has heard voices too, and knows it’s a lie. Your life - no ones life is ever made safe or better by listening to them.

You need to be strong and ask someone you love for help, someone can call your DR and get you more meds.

I can’t go to the hospital

The doctors r spying on me

Don’t you have a DR that prescribed you the Meds? He can send a script out for more, then if you actually take them you will be feeling more normal in a few days.

The hospitals not the worst thing ever, no one likes going but it does save many people from making bad choices.

No they are spies

Doctors are busy, people pay lots of money and wait days, and weeks to get a visit with them - do you really think they are spying on you? They are not, they are home with their families - most likely sleeping by now.

Do you have any meds left? Do you live with family? You need help from someone who’s actually there with you. Be brave, go tell them what’s going on so you can get help.

They won’t let me

You posted almost the same thing a month ago, what happened last time?

I tried to kill my self

What saved you?

Nothing I jumped out my bed room window

You really need to go talk to your parents, the voices are not your friends - turn yourself to people you love and trust them to help you.

Who lives with you that loves and helps you?