Do you consider this website to be U.S.-based?

That’s good.

I only know English.

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@Treebeard is a foreign moderator

I think it is predominantly a USA geared website. as well as a USA geared internet especially English websites. However I dont think of this as a “US-based website” despite the majority of us being American. I think this is more international than the majority of forums/social medias ive been on. That’s what I like about this.

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@firemonkey has a big UK influence with his articles…many are international articles but ive noticed a lot of UK articles which I find british culture to be interesting. I appreciate that too. We are well represented. Maybe moreso USA than any other nation but UK, Australia, Nepal and Canada are all represented well.

This particular domain is registered by GoDaddy in the US. A whois lookup can show you.

Someone once messaged me on here using google translate.
Once he found out I was Danish, he tused the Spanish to Danish translator, but the translations sucked and didn’t account for the grammar, so I had to tell him to use the Spanish to English translations instead.

Sometimes I see lingual differences here. Like the names people use for medicines and diagnoses.
Or like the discussion we had in that other thread on why people still use the word “retarded”. (In my country, it’s still a valid diagnosis, although the more common word translates to “mentally developmentally inhibited”

I’ve also noticed many non-english users say things like “I’ve been using meds since 3 years” instead of “for three years”, or “anyone likes pasta” instead of “does anyone like pasta?”

But mostly I’m able to understand what they mean.

I don’t know the difference between DSM-5 and ICD-10, though.


DSM is strictly psychiatry. ICD 10 (Internalional Classificatifon of Diseases.) ICD-10 is much bigger and at times at odds with the DSM. So, DSM-Psychiatry; ICD-International Dieases.

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I think this site has members predominantly from the USA. In terms of news articles they are very much Western based rather than African ,Asian or Middle East.

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Truth. English is also the most popular around the world, so no wonder so many people can get on with minimal language and social skills. As I mentioned before, this site is domiciled in the US. :slight_smile:

Yup, I’m pretty sure @Treebeard is from Middle-earth. :thinking:

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Have you got any statistic of user’s base in different countries.Sometimes I feel like it’s pretty USA site?

I don’t know. You’d have to ask Szadmin.

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I know me and Poetic skunk are both from Minnesota that’s a nice coincidence. I like hearing about everyone else’s weather and what they do on weekends…it’s an interesting mix.

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I participate in both English and French forums with relative ease.

(J’utilise les forums Web en anglais et en français sans difficulté.)

From years of use there is a North American bias. I think that is due to access, ie the internet, and just population.

It’s not a slight. Europe would be second but it’s all about time and access. Aussies fall between the two so from long time use I see late night Americans/early Europeans. It’s just the way of the world but Australia has over 20 million people. America and Europe have 100’s of millions. Scale does get involved in the site usage and that is understandable.


I think this forum is U.S. based. We write to the database that is located in the U.S.A. I think. I rarely use English in my real life and this forum helps me to maintain my English communications. I do not write any longer as much as I used to in the past. It has been exactly 30 years since I flew to America to study. 30 years is a long time and many things happened.

Well theres a lot posts mentioning USA.
but i dont mind so much.
What if it was china based.

That’s a good joke, China based and almost all moderators are in the USA. LOL

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I like this forum because we do not have any adds as many other social media sites have. This is the only social media I use.

The site is English speaking, but I’d say we have a good mix of people from all over. Like @rogueone said, I think the large US representation is mostly due to the large US population size, and the time of day you visit. In the middle of the night US time, there are almost entirely Europeans on here. The reason we don’t communicate in another language is because

  1. the site was founded by an English speaker, who in the beginning had to do most of the oversight on their own
  2. English is the most common second language for non-native speakers, and many native English speakers don’t have a fluent second language. So we can reach the most people in English.
  3. All the staff currently speak English, but our second languages are quite different, so if we communicated in say, French, German, Spanish, etc, it would all be up to only one of the mods to review those posts, and that’s a lot of pressure for one person.

Occasionally people do make posts in other languages, and we use google translate for what we don’t understand. But google translate has severe limitations, and can’t be trusted as a reliable way to review flags or approve new posts. A lot of idioms and jokes don’t translate well, and can come across as antagonistic or hostile when they’re poorly translated.

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Most of our resource direction posts are focused on the US or Canada, but that’s just because the people who have done that research independently lived in either the US or Canada. I wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending a resource in another country if all the information I found was from a website that wasn’t in a language I could read. If anyone would like to recommend resources in other countries (early intervention treatment centers, social services, crisis hotlines, etc) they are more than welcome to do so on our Crisis Intervention Resources thread.

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