Guidelines badge

how do you get awarded the badge for reading the guidelines? i have read them all including the terms od service and i didnt get that badge.

Oh bummer! I hope you can!

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hey you, how are you doing? :slight_smile:

I’ve been better. Thanks for asking! How are you?

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not bad, need meds so i’ll take em in a minute, i watched a bit of tv today as well, hoping to try and watch it more, it has to be something neutral though or i’ll be getting highs and lows on it.

What do you watch? Do you take meds three times a day?

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no twice but i forgot so thx for reminding me lol, i watched antiques road show and a place in the country, both of these things dont trigger me much which is good.

have you taken yours? any symptoms? x

That’s great that you’ve learned what you can watch! I watched a movie on Schizophrenia called Elizabeth Blue because I thought it would be interesting and it wrecked me!

I took my meds this morning. I’m not hallucinating today, but I’m having trouble concentrating and I can’t feel emotion. I don’t know if it is from the meds or the illness.

Got to run. Thanks for chatting!

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was also wondering if there could be a hardship fund set up for people in rent arrears, struggling with paying for meds or just financial hardship. i have seen this work really well on another forum just to help them back on their feet if they are down on their luck. @Moonbeam

btw did anyone pin those emergency numbers on the forum bc i haven’t seen them.

and is there a chance of attaching a blog to this forum?

anybody want to answer this post? @moderators

The crisis intervention resources were pinned several months ago. I would recommend also bookmarking the thread since the thread appears to un-pin once one has read the thread.

ah, thats not great, what if someone needs it more than once and they havent bookmarked it?

what do you think about the other things i suggested?

You would have to run your other suggestions by @szadmin.

Since many folks on here have limited financial resources, I don’t think asking folks to donate to a “hardship fund” would be appropriate.

I have no idea what you mean by “attaching a blog to this forum”.

There are plenty of other platforms if you want to create your own blog.

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@szadmin is very hard to get a hold of, i wonder if there are other ways in which we could raise some money for a hardship fund, it could be a one time only resource once a month say maybe $500 if you can prove you are in hardship.

i think people would find it very reassuring if we had this feature.