Can you be suicidal and not depressed?

I’m not depressed or anything. I just wanna check out. The relief would be immense.


I think I have more suicidal ideation when I’m not depressed


That’s interesting. I guess I always figured if somebody kills themselve they must be depressed. The thing is I don’t really suffer from depression. Just ready at this point…


You may think it would be relief but its nightmare for those left behind


Main reason I won’t do it is because my mom would be sad


@Tyme . You’ve just quit your job so maybe that’s what brought this on. You’ve made it this far so keep fighting. Don’t get battle fatigue now.


Yes, you can skip over depression and sadness and plummet straight down to suicidality. I always did.

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Yes, definitely. PLEASE get help. I take Wellbutrin for suicidal urges. It has been a godsend.

Sending (((hugs)))



Can only speak for myself. But i would love to make it end. Yet i can still laugh at the delusions like a crazy person, doubt a depressed person would be able to. Jokes take my mind off my situation. Still, suicide would hurt and ive still to figure out how to leave without risking surviving with damage to brain or having it be very painful.

Edit: also like others have said, please go to the hospital or reach out if you start developing a plan.


@pieces, you’re thinking very rationally. It’s a good thing humor helps you. When I was suicidal, I didn’t find anything funny.

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Clearly people don’t commit suicide without reason if they are not mentally ill. But there are many possible reasons which motivate people to take their own lives without undue coercion by others:

  • Honour or the avoidance of dishonour.

  • The avoidance of a worse death.

  • To preserve something they deem more important than their own life.

  • To escape suffering.

  • To avoid revealing information under torture.

  • Guilt and remorse.

  • A deluded belief in the will of God.

  • To achieve something of overriding importance to them.

I totally get wanting to “check out.” However, you wouldn’t feel any relief from it because you would be dead. Even if you believe in an afterlife and that you may experience relief there, those who know you back on Earth would probably not feel relief, but they would likely feel a lot of grief.

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Yes, when I didn’t give a damn I wasn’t at all depressed. The country was at war, I had a new home with no friends. I spent the whole time, until psychosis, being high and irresponsible. To me, nobody cared.

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Please hang in there @Tyme.
If things get real bad go to the ER.

Hopefully this feeling shall pass soon.


I guess it’s possible but suicidal ideation is not normal so clearly there is something not right with your thinking/ brain chemistry if you are contemplating suicide. Just because you aren’t clinically depressed doesn’t mean there is nothing wrong.

Please get some help… Best wishes…

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