Suicide Prevention Month

In the US September is suicide prevention month. Thanks to @daze, this was brought to our attention. So I would like to post our suicide hotlines. As always you can use on of the resources listed for immediate help.

If you are feeling suicidal or having a mental health crisis, please tell someone — a friend or family member, a teacher, a doctor or therapist or call 911 (if you’re in the U.S.) or the Emergency Medical Services phone number in your country.

You can also call a crisis intervention hotline—these are available in the U.S. and in many other countries. You do not need to be actively suicidal to benefit from a crisis hotline.

International crisis hotlines:

Crisis hotlines in the U.S.:

More resources:


Thank you @Daze and @ZombieMombie . This needs more awareness. I spent years suicidal with three serious attempts. I always said to myself on bad days it’s better off in bed than dead and slept years away. The environmental circumstances and chemical imbalance made me feel so low for so many wasted years. I understood this and stuck with my meds and psych dr. After many years I feel the opposite and I’m actual afraid of death and many more things. The insomnia, then stress, the breakdown and depression also suicidal feelings and plans, all gone and the fear of outside has now trapped me. I’m very lucky to have a supportive wife and a great and wise psychiatrist. It was a phase and things do get better. I see the beauty in life and each day. I’m grateful for the little I have. I can’t say sz is a blessing but more manageable than the mood swings of suicide ideation for so many year. If you feel that way there are many paths open to you to change the feelings and stabilize you moods and chemicals. If you ever need to chat to someone who understands please message me and I will be by your side. Take care everyone and reach out. People do care about you.

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I was almost driven to it bc of online bullying :frowning:


They didn’t take my belt the first day of the first time I was commited. I got it out and was considering using it, but somehow I didn’t go through with it. It’s strange, but I think I felt like a traitor somehow because I had a psychosis and this was the reason I was considering using the belt. Luckily there was something inside me that prevented me going through with it. The next day they came for the belt.

Suicide is often just a weak moment. Our feelings change all the time. I think many people who go through with it lose perspective, like I did that day. My feelings gradually improved the following weeks under healthcare supervision.

If you struggle, make sure you get help from friends, family or healthcare. Sometimes friends and family are not enough and then it is important to seek professional healthcare.


I have a friend we all lost to suicide.

In memory of him, I’ll tell my favorite story of his.

Once, his girlfriend and best friend hooked up.

He broke up with her, vowed not to speak to him, it was ugly.

But over time, things kind of eased up.

He started talking to the girlfriend again, also the friend.

So to make amends, they decided to go to a concert together.

The concert was way out of town so my friend offered to drive.

The three of them were off to the concert, having a great time when they stopped for gas.

It was a scary gas station.

Very “the hills have eyes” ■■■■.

The best friend and the girlfriend went in the gas station to use the restroom while my friend pumped gas.

When the cheating couple came out, my friend was gone.

He had their cell phones and money in his truck.

He straight left them in the middle of a creepy desert with NOTHING.

It was a long con.

He thought it was hilarious.

We did too.

I miss him.


My dad said i belt the crap out of you when you suicide. That fixed me for the timebeing.

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My father I suspect had SZ, but can’t confirm that

Back in 1990 I don’t think there was much of a safety net

I’d like to think if he was born today that someone would help him - or indeed whoever needs this help

But sadly, some still fall through the cracks, and that’s devastation to a family.

For me I was 3 years old, so I only have 1 memory of him that I realised was him after being shown a photo of him

Respect to my mother for dealing with his cheating behaviour and alcoholism - but the final blow must have been tragic at the time.

If I was her I’d be angry with him for doing that with a 3 year old, which makes me wonder if he’d slipped into severe mental health difficulties at the time

I am just speculating, as I don’t dare ask her about it, because I don’t see the point in upsetting her about something that happened 32 years ago

Suicide devastates the people who are connected directly by the action, and indirectly by just being missing by their own hand. So many questions remain unanswered


thanks for all replies. love and hugs.

I guess the CFO of Bed, Bath, and Beyond, the other day,
jumped to his death.

what is terrible right now? they already got a new CFO, female, all smiley, happy and beautiful. wtf.


Good quality thread.

We all need to look out for each other and love each other in times of difficulty.

:heart: :dove:


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