He died on Friday

The executive director of the counseling center I go to died yesterday. It’s a big office - he oversaw 21 counselors and 25 staff members. He wrote books and articles, edited and published a quarterly journal, and sat on boards and councils.

I’m grief-stricken. I read his work, listened to his podcast and interviews, and watched his videos. But moreso, he was so nice to me, like a friend.

I called the office, and they were all crying. They are rejoicing because he is with the Lord, but they are sad. And I am sad for them.

It will be hard to go into the office for counseling on Monday, and it will be hard to go to the memorial service. It’s different to see the counselors cry.


Sounds like he had a calling on his life that he filled outstandingly.


Indeed! You can look him up - David Powlison. There are some articles on him on TheGospelCoalition website and at

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he’s in a better place…don’t cry.

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I’m so sorry @LouiseG

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Thank you @jukebox! He is indeed!

Thank you @Pianogal! You’re so sweet!


Its so sad to hear about a person who dedicated his life to help others pass away. It sounds like he will be greatly missed. ((Hugs))

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Good to see you jukebox.
I have not seen you around for a while either.

Sorry for your loss.
Sounds like a great person.

Indeed @FatMama. He was one the of the best!

Thank you @Zilija1. That’s very kind!

I’m so sorry. I’m going to link the crisis resources we have here. Grief does weird things to the mind, and it can help to talk about it with someone.

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Thank you @ninjastar!

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First of all, I am so sorry for your loss and may he rest in peace.

I highly recommend watching one of Clare Wineland’s speeches- she had an extremely positive outlook on death, even until her last breath (she died at age 21 in 2018).

In the Muscular Dystophy communities, death is a frequently discussed matter. In fact, many genetic disorder sufferers don’t get to live that long. Grief is a natural process when someone passes away, and it’s ok to grieve. However, please know that he is in a better place. Whenever death happens in my community, we mourn but we remember their memories and remember that they are now free from pain- the burdens of this world.

Please know that he is now in a better place and taken care of, and he is watching over you. May you find hope, peace, and serenity in your journey in remembrance of his life. Again, I send you my condolences and please let me know if you need me!

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This is beautiful! Thank you sooo very much! He is indeed with Jesus, he was consumed with His love. I will look up Clare Wineland! THANK YOU!

Her first name is Claire- sorry accidently misspelt it.

No problem! Wishing you peace.

I looked her up. She sounds like a very neat person!

Do you have muscular dystrophy?

Yes. I have titinopathy (TTN-related MD).
the type is not determined until the muscle biopsy, so that will happen in the next 5-6 years I believe.

It’s a huge protein so it takes ages to figure it out lol

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How was it affect your body?

It is much easier when you know where they are going. My M&D died in the last ten years. They did finally get saved. But I was so strong with their destination that I’m not sure I grieved that much…

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I’m really sorry you lost your parents. Praise God they know Him! I’m so glad you have hope!! And it is a celebration! We’re going to party! But also, so so sad and hard.

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