The Whisper

It’s hard not to believe the voice and the whisper. They’re in my mind. They’re not real external voices. That’s gotta mean something, right? Thoughts in my head that are like voices. Sentient thought forms. Whatever. The voice says if I wanna save the world this is how. How can I ignore that? I’m scared to kill myself. I wanted to be talked out of it but that’s not really working. I’m the sacrifice. My life to be sacrificed for the good of Earth. I will destroy the world if I don’t do it. And/or turn to darkness. I’ve gotta do this right? No? I don’t know. I’m sorry.

My voices are internal usually but they sprout just as much bulls$!% as any other voice. This whisper is no different. You are not a sacrifice. The world will still go on if you continue to live in it. The only thing that will change if you die is that the world would be a little sadder. Please find yourself some help and stay strong. This will pass.

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I can’t get my mind to stop thinking this way. Is it fate? Destiny? Prophecy? What do I do? I’m not sure. I don’t want to tell my mom. Maybe I should. But I’m scared. I’m sorry.

I think you should tell someone for support. It isn’t destiny or a prophesy, it is a hallucination and delusion. I understand it is hard to believe that as it feels so real to you right now. But trust me, it is a trick your illness is playing on you. Stay strong. And don’t apologise, you’ve done nothing wrong. Talk to someone about this and get some help.

It’s raining. For a long time I’ve interpreted the rain to be a sign from God, a method of communication. I wish I knew what he was saying though. I can’t tell if it’s a message telling me to go ahead with suicide or a warning not to. I think I’m supposed to save (or help save) the world, but I don’t know how. I fear that in trying to save the world I will destroy it. The voice said that was prophecy. Am I destined to destroy the world? I’m not sure. I won’t make any decisions yet. Am I delusional? Maybe, maybe not. I think my soul has a connection to the in between, the dimension between dimensions that connects all worlds. Am I losing it? I feel that things are not getting clearer, only more muddled. But I think I know I’m supposed to save the world. Or destroy it. I’m scared. I feel alive in the worst of ways.

Please read this if you have suicidal thoughts, this is serious in my opinion. Talk with someone about your thoughts, family or doctors

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It’s like I said. I am not sure suicide is the way. I don’t know what to do. In trying to save the world I will destroy it. What does that even mean?

It means your brain is playing tricks on you, and you need external help to make it stop.

what’s the worse that could happen if you told your mom and went to a hospital?
They might give you medicines that make the thoughts, voices and whispers go away. That could be nice for you.


In a few words it’s not real, they are only thoughts in my opinion

I got close to committing suicide because the voices told me that I had started ww3 and that the only way to atone for what I had done was to kill myself and soon. I was planning on jumping off a cliff nearby within walking distance but prayed and I thought God told me that If I got myself arrested then I wouldn’t have to kill myself. I ended up in the mental hospital but while I was there I thought I had failed at killing myself fast enough or getting arrested so I thought I was guaranteed to go to hell after that. So I would say being in the hospital saved my life. I told my brother about that the other day, and he said that he would rather spend the last ten years still in college than losing his little sister. At the time he had been worried about me and was praying for me a lot. I’m sure your mom feels the same way. Don’t do this. ■■■■ prophesy make your own destiny. If it’s truly meant to be then you would die in some freak accident.

I suffered from this delusion for over a year. Part of what helped me out of it was thinking of sacrifice in a metaphorical sense. I think religion often preaches sacrifice and if we look to someone like Jesus we see death as an ultimate tribute. This is wrong, what loving God full of grace and mercy would want you to kill yourself? There are ways you can help the world though, like volunteering to help homeless or at an animal shelter, and these things require personal sacrifice


I wish I could let you guys know how bad I feel. I am sorry. I feel like I should be able to get over this but I can’t. Thank you for trying to help me.

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It isn’t possible for one person to save the world anymore than it is possible for one person to destroy it. It is the collective efforts of many that makes a difference. Right now we’re all telling you that this is a delusion and you aren’t thinking straight. You need to do yourself a favour and reach out and get help. You can’t help or save anybody in the state you’re currently in, as much as you may want to. And I’m sure others will agree with me here that we aren’t going to stop trying to help you in what way we can because you’re worth fighting for. Tell you mum how you’re feeling and look after yourself.

I talked to my mom. She wants to take me to the hospital. I have to convince her not to.

Maybe you should go @TheCircleOfFifths, just for a little while. They’ll be able to keep you safe and adjust your meds. Sometimes a short stay in hospital can do a world of good. You need to start putting your own best interests first as hard and difficult as that may be right now. It isn’t in your best interest to keep suffering like this.

Going to the hospital could be the best thing for you. I know you aren’t wanting to but it might turn out to be a good thing in the long run. You don’t seem to be in a good place mentally and they can help you. Please take care of yourself and get the help you need.

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Yeah I get it. 161

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