I can’t do this anymore

This is a repeat of my last thread I didn’t listen to the voices last night but they are even more mad they won’t stop screaming at me I can’t do it anymore

It’s not normal to think such things. You really need some emergency help! Please. Ask for some help! If you have to go to emergency then you need to do it.


They still want me to cutt

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Do the voices sound like a doctor? They do use knives.

They want me to cut and if I don’t they say they will hurt my sister

i dont think this is a joke chordy

I wasn’t joking. I had thoughts to cut my neck after my tonsillectomy.

I can’t do this

I need to protect her

It’s your parents job to protect your sister, not yours. If doctor goes after your sister the shame is not yours.

Listen to your heart and your common sense and NOT the voices.

They have no power or they wouldn’t NEED to convince you to DO stuff right?

So it’s just more LIES

really, read a few threads here and see how many of us have been tested by the lies

seems like you need MEDs and a safe place to calm yourself

Go talk to your sister, ask her how her day is maybe once you hang out with her you will know that both of you are ok


I can’t go to the hospital if I tell my therapist he will send me

The doctors are spies

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