Hey mods and admin!


Can someone please disable or delete my account or do something that will delete or hide my posts and topics I created? @ninjastar @Rhubot
I don’t think I have too much to share or say to help others.


Contact @SzAdmin if you want your account anonymized.


Please pass this message on to anyone who is interested:

Occasionally we get an email from people who want to delete / anonymize their account here and leave the site.

That is fine, we have no problem with that - but the issue is that a very large percent of people change their minds after a while and cancel that request or just join again later. Because of this - and because of our desire for people to continue to get the support of friends and contacts here, we ask that you make two separate requests at least two weeks apart (sort of a “cooling off” period). If you think about it and two or more weeks after your first request you really want to fully anonymize your account - then send me a second email stating why you want to leave (we always want to make this site better, so we appreciate the feedback on how we can improve the site) - and tell me its your second request.

I will then anonymize your account - which deletes all the email addresses associated with the account and changes the user name to something like anon98er9783 (some random number after it).

The software is not setup to delete all your past posts, and because there are many good tips and suggestions that people provide in posts and conversations here we want keep a conversation so that it is understandable by people who read these posts months after they are made. If you have revealed personal information in posts, we can delete a small number of posts or edit out any personal information (city, etc. you might be from, if you care about that).

I hope this makes the process clear.


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@SzAdmin 1515

thanks admin that is good to know

but would it be possible to change my username?


yes - any admin can change your user name. Just send us a message (PM) with the new name and some alternatives in case that one is not available.


thanks SzAdmin :slight_smile:

btw @SzAdmin i know you are probably busy but i use to really like when you liked some peoples posts, whats up?

I feel really under appreciated on here recently :frowning: some times i just want to be recognised on here, i try my best but still feel like i get treated really badly but not from the other members :frowning:

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