Please delete my account

Please, please delete my account ASAP. Please.

What’s wrong @anon8989663? What’s going on?

Here is the process to anonymize your account. I hope you decide to stay, but I understand sometimes people move on.

So post here again in 2 weeks? Or do I email in 2 weeks instead of post here?

will miss your presence,

thanks for educating me on veganism, I really appreciated that

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My head isn’t doing well.

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Send a message to @SzAdmin. If you still want it deleted in 2 weeks they’ll delet your account. Or, you could ask to be silenced for a while instead

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Just post here in 2 weeks reminding us.

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@anon12381882. It’s inappropriate and hurtful for you to question another forum member’s motive. It is not helpful.

If they need attention their are better ways to go about it. Im only trying to be helpful. Im stunned by the amount of these posts we get. If you wanna close your account send a message to a mod no need to make a huge announcement about it.

Knock it off @anon12381882. I don’t want to have to suspend you on New Year’s Eve but I will if you don’t stop.


i hope you are okay… sad to hear you want to delete your account but if that is what you need then go for it.

I think it has been 2 weeks. I would still like my account delete. Please and thank you

@SzAdmin 15 15 15