How to delete my account

I need to delete my account, I’m spending way too much time on the forum, but I don’t know how to do it

You need to come back in 2 weeks confirm and tag a moderator.

You just make a request to the moderators and then make a second request in two weeks. Then they can anonymize your account.

@ZombieMombie @ninjastar @Moonbeam @rogueone

You don’t have to delete it.
Just stay away from it.
And get things done.
You can do it.


Instead of anonymizing, some users prefer to be suspended or silenced temporarily. A suspended account cannot log in for a set amount of time. A silenced user can still log in, like posts, and reply to PMs, but cannot make their own posts. Let us know if yoy would prefer one of these options instead, and how long you would like the suspension/silencing to last.

You wasnt here long @Flowerpot
Hope you got some support.
Have you tried logging off and come here only on tuesdays for example?

@Flowerpot You’re a positive presence on this forum, I’ll miss your reading your posts.

I spend to much time on this website too, but if I quit I would just spend more time scrolling through Facebook, or Twitter or watching TV or wasting my time in other ways.


Farewell flowerpot, come back and visit soon :sob:

There is lot of people who addicted to this forum.i don t think its such a bad thing to be on this forum so s not a toxic place anyway.i m not constantly on forum but i stalk topics during the day time to time.i mean every sz patient kind a addicted to this forum because we need to know our disease and we need to support eachother

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Thanks for your comments And help. I’ve decided to come back. I just had my son over for the weekend And once he was here I forgot about the forum, so I guess I’m capable of doing other things. Sorry for this topic, that wasn’t relevant after all. I wasn’t trying to get attention. Okay maybe just a little bit


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