I'd like to get my account deleted

Please delete my account here. I don’t belong here as your rules don’t match with my mind, thanks!

Just log out …

From @SzAdmin:

I’m sorry you’re not enjoying your stay here. Please know that the mod team is working hard behind the scenes currently to make the rules more clear and workable.

This is, however, a recovery site, and we are not discussing allowing shared realities or promotion of unusual beliefs, except in a recovery-based context.

I’m a rule breaker too,

but I’m still here.

I leave for long periods,
but come back.

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I can not stay - I need to move on - two weeks later I’ll send you my confirmition then - see you in the reality life instead, you never know. I wish you good luck with your recovering mission here. Good Luck! PEACE!

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Would you like a two week suspension as a way to take a break? Sometimes, people thinking about leaving request them as a sort of trial run

NO, I’d like to get my account deleted immidiately tbh.

Okay. I’m sorry, only @SzAdmin has the authority to do that. I guess we will hear from you in two weeks, then.

I’ll fade out from this place by talking in this thread for two weeks in row, but then confirm it.

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Keep it simple finnish and Estonian friend @deepndark…!!! U are a valuable member here…!!!

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I like the members here, but I feel I’m too dangerous minded when talking straight-forwardly to say my opinion. But a rant part is that we are moderated by our disease + the moderators at the same time. I am a freedom-child and not a product of a rulebook by nowday’s rule-maffia. I sense that they really suck ass anyway.

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I read your thread. Ya, I have similar views although different…I sometimes wonder why I don’t get anything positive out of it too like intelligence/encyclopedic download to my brain (“wirelessly” like in the movies and sci-fi) to do useful stuff like advance society or make my life better. We suffer greatly.

I think you were hurt when your thread was locked. I hope you decide to stay. I like you. A lot of people like you. They (mods) want us to promote recovery stuff, not talk or push conspiracy stuff. Sometimes, we make mistakes but we got to learn from those mistakes. I get upset to from time to time, but it gets better. Hope you’re feeling better.