Please delete my account

I do not wish to be on this site anymore, I really don’t like it especially when there’s more negativity then positive. More judgement then help.

Please delete it, I do not want to be receiving notifications on it. nor do I want emails about it either.

@ninjastar might be able to help you

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This is how to get anonymized.

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I’m sorry you’ve not been receiving support. I see some posters who are quick to judgement, but they are the minority. I definitely have wanted to leave a few times, but there are people here who care.

I hope you reconsider leaving. Maybe take a few days or a week and think about it. You are a valuable member of the forum and I’d hate to see you go.

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Thank you that is very kind of you, i’m definitely going to take some time and think about it. its not really that i’m not receiving any support its jjust I come on here and most of the post are draining and seem to never change. There’s more depression on here than positives vibes.

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Please keep in mind that people on here are struggling and dont feel well. If its triggering for you it may very well be a good decision to leave or at least spend less time on here. I have struggled myself with whether or not I should leave for quite some time now.

Oh no trust me I know we are ALL going through hell and struggling. And I know we are all not the same. But it seems very repetitive with a lot of ppl on this forum.You look for positive affirmations and vibes but most of the time ppl are draining in their own misery and not putting in any work to improve and get out of the negativity


Dont come on here as much buddy. i come on once or twice a week for a few mins at a time while am in bed and thats it read through the unueasl beliefs sorry cant spell and im done. Your right too much negativey its alright in small doses but dont spend most your time on here

I just wanted to say it was nice to have met you @Longhorn21 and I wish you well. Take care of yourself.

I get that way sometimes. Maybe a break would be better than leaving forever, though?

ive been a member maybe 5 years… these days i stop by on occasion… i think we can dismiss email notices from our emails and find peace… i feel i get it.

I still value this site tho. Peace n love to us :slight_smile: our struggles aint easy.


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