I love Thai food

That is really neat @LevelJ1! :grinning:

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Thanks it was fun to learn :blush::blush:

Sorry…I don’t know how to do pictures…I love Red and Yellow Curry.

Thought this was a callout thread for @anon40653964.


I thought the same thing, @LED


Massaman curry.

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I am done with these forums. The moderators take advantage of people. @ninjastar , please anonymize my account. @ZombieMombie , @rogueone . Thank you, good-bye.

What’s wrong @anon40653964? It looks like you’ve been on this forum a long time. Why are you leaving?

These are the steps to anonymization

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There was a place in Thailand I used to go and get chicken and cashew nuts with rice and a coke for about 1.50. Loved that place.

Unfortunately no good Thai restaurants around here. We have a place that says it Thai but it’s really just Chinese.

Love me some sticky rice and mangoes.


Hey guys, mackerel in Thai red sauce is immense. One of my favourite meals.


What is the administrator’s email address?

It has been over two weeks, what is the administrator’s electronic mail address?

I think you can just send him a private message, @anon40653964.

But I really wish you would stay.

I’d miss you.

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I’ll miss you too, friend. These devils twist my words for their own gain.

@SzAdmin , as per @ZombieMombie 's instruction, I have sent you a private message beckoning for my account to be anonymized. This is simply a public post in order to keep track and record of the two week period before anonymization.

Nooo sorry that you’re gonna leave?? :frowning:

I was offline. I will go anonymize your account now.

Will miss you.

I’ll miss you too…no more video games together?

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