Delete my account

@Bowens can you tell me the steps to delete my account?

Should I be idle for two weeks?

Don’t post them, it’s to much to read :v:


Instead of anonymizing, some users prefer to be suspended or silenced temporarily. A suspended account cannot log in for a set amount of time. A silenced user can still log in, like posts, and reply to PMs, but cannot make their own posts. Let us know if yoy would prefer one of these options instead, and how long you would like the suspension/silencing to last.


Don’t leave, man.


Sorry, I didn’t see this part of your post. Basically just report back in two weeks.

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Can I post in those two weeks?

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Yes, of course

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It’s been a week. I confirm the deletion

@Bowens @ZombieMombie

Sorry, you need to wait 2 weeks @anon96203037 .

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