Please anonymize my account

I want to start the countdown to anonymizing my account. I just think using this forum might be holding me back in some ways. I will think about it for 2 weeks.

@ZombieMombie @Moonbeam @ninjastar @rogueone

So many people anonymizing their accounts these days. Makes me sad :slightly_frowning_face:.

And it seems like most of the new people we get just post their initial post and then you never hear from them again. :slightly_frowning_face:.

Oh well. Good luck.


Meanwhile, you’re stuck with me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


and you with me! I’m not going anywhere either! :smiley:


Instead of anonymizing, some users prefer to be suspended or silenced temporarily. A suspended account cannot log in for a set amount of time. A silenced user can still log in, like posts, and reply to PMs, but cannot make their own posts. Let us know if yoy would prefer one of these options instead, and how long you would like the suspension/silencing to last.

No thanks, I just wanted to start the timer for account anonymization. It’s not that I want to stop myself from posting, it’s that I feel like I won’t get what I’m looking for from this forum when it comes to connecting with others. I’ve been holding out trying to make the most of it, but it’s starting to look like most of the people on this site just aren’t similar enough to me. I’m still thinking about it but I feel like I might rather just unaffiliate myself if I’m really done posting here. Nothing personal against anyone here, it just doesn’t seem like a good fit.

It’s been 14 days, I would still like my account anonymized. Thank you.

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Take care @anon99536719 i wish you well

Goodbye @anon99536719 best of luck to you.