Facebook friends

How many people are you connected with on Facebook?

I used to have about 150, but I decided a lot of them were not contacting me, and my page was full of stuff I didn’t want on the internet - so I deleted my profile.

30 days later I created a fresh one, and now I have 53 friends.

Just wondered how many people you all connect with on there, and for how long?

I regard the people on there now as much more authentic than before. It was a good decision to reset it


20 mostly family

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I have 16. used to have a lot. I just kept main people I talk to and a couple new peoples.
I dont follow anyone on it. I also use a browser extension called FBP so I can deactivate all ads and news. So its nice and quiet. I mostly use messenger


It used to really upset me having so many on there who didn’t bother to talk.

Now like you guys, mine is mainly family and work colleagues from my old job


I’m an active member of the cricket club and have a big extended family so I have a lot. I’ve gotten rid of quite a lot but I rarely post these days. I just like people’s responses or posts and do little myself.

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I had 800 fb friends and hanged out with about 20 friends, two different sets. That was b4 sz. In psychosis I was paranoid and wrote nonsense on FB, so I deleted lots of friends and close friends, some deleted me after they read what I wrote about ISIS. Federal Police came to my house thinking I have connections with ISIS. Now I have 150 friends lots of family and 3 close friends that I talk to. Two friends call me everyday video chat, they know I have sz.


My best friend who is a cardiologist, I insulted him bcz he told me to take meds then he blocked me.

I was against meds and psychiatry at the beginning of my illness, I was pretty aggressive with ppl telling me that I am mentally ill and who tell me to take meds.

I just checked and I have 134 friends on FB. I don’t talk to 98% of them. I just see what they post and make the occasional comment. The few i do talk to are mostly family, but i don’t even talk to them a lot.

I used to have around 50 fb friends.

but i decided to quit fb because i do not like using it anymore. too many pre psychosis memories and they were making me sad. from the fb friends.

and also many of them were colleagues from my work where i went downhill so again that memory lane i dont need either.

maybe one day i will set up fb again but tbh …i do not see the point…i can just have phone numbers of people that i am really interested in keeping in touch with

Facebook made me anxious, i didn’t like that people could see me and contact me, so I ended up deleting it and ghosting everyone a few times.

I used to have over 400 friends and fans of my writing. I trimmed it down during psychosis to only people I am close to. Anyone that likes my writing can go to my fb author page now

130 at my peak in my mid 20’s. That went down to 40 something in my 30’s. I guess people unfriended me because i would sometimes make off color comments. Now i changed all my passwords and then ended up in the hospital so I started a new account and have 18 friends.

At one point I had almost 300 on one, I couldn’t see anything on my feed ever. I trimmed it down to close friends and family and people I was truly interested in and I think I have 100 or so. I have a second that has all the others now and for keeping up with all the people in this town.

My first psychosis my voices had me go on Facebook and they picked all the ones I had to delete based on if they were part of the plan or not. So I went from like 300 or 400 to 60 lol. I wasn’t too impressed about that later :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Deactivated use Messenger had 40 friends.

I have always had the same fb account. Most of my friends on there we never converse but I think this is normal. If someone remembers me or I add them I take it as a compliment if they accept. I don’t have many so I’ve never had to cull but sometimes someone is too loud on my feed so I ignore them. I don’t like posting on there cause I prefer to speak to people without an audience. I don’t like Facebook concept really but I like my friends.

I don’t remember. I pulled the plug when I was in psychosis and thought people were watching and out to get me. That was like 6 years ago and honestly I’m a little scared of it because of what happened. I avoid it like a trigger.

From 2009 -early this year I had about 55 FB friends. The vast majority were family,stepfamily and people I met on forums. In February this year I joined a FB group for those with high IQs . From then till now my friends have gone from about 55 to 146.

Pre- psychosis I had about 150 friends on FB. I then closed my account. Later I started a new one. I have now 30 friends but those are people I care about.