How does anonymizing your account work now?

Just curious might consider doing it because I have no time to be on here as much as I use to.

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I’ve done it twice and have come back both times.

Rather just log off and if u ever need advice or got questions just log back in


I want to make my account public
To become famous on internet :rofl:

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@Moonbeam, @ninjastar, @Treebeard. I think I am ready to anonymize my account. I have no time to be here due to school. I think I need to wait two weeks though if I am correct.

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Anonymizing your account will just change your user name to anon and a random number. Your posts will still be here. Selfies or whatever you posted

I know but I am probably not going to use this site much anymore

Why not just leave your account and come back when you’re ready? If you like, we can silence your account for some period of time so you can still PM the Mods. Let the Mods know if you want your account silenced and for how long.

If you want your account anonymized, here is the process

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Thanks @Moonbeam. I’ll wait that couple of weeks like it says and see if I still want to do it.

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@moonbeam, @ninjastar, @Treebeard I am certain that I want to anonymize my account. I haven’t been here over a month.

@dougRN. Only Szadmin can anonymize accounts.

Paging @SzAdmin

There is no anonymous these days, now it’s just anon as in ah no (I dont know you) and.