Moderators, can you please please please delete my account and all my posts?

This is a security concern, I think someone found my account. Can you please delete any and all posts?

Can you put your account on private? I don’t think anyone can go through your posts then :thinking:

Not sure but id rather delete my account now

Or not delete my account, but change my name and delete all posts and comments if possible

@ninjastar please please, this is serious

My name can be anon753

@anon9798425 @Moondream @Jayster please this a major privacy concern, it’s an emergency

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We can’t delete your account or all of your posts (there are far too many). You can request that @SzAdmin anonymize your account.


I wonder if we could contact discourse and see if it’s a possibility to delete accounts. I’m not causing trouble or anything just saying it would be cool. Sometimes people are just paranoid but sometimes peoples families etc find their accounts.

@SzAdmin can you please anonymize my account

I think you have to PM him.