How can I delete my account?

Please delete my account. I have been asking to delete my account for months and it still hasn’t been deleted.

this is how you anon an account. i haven’t seen any post from you aski g about this or I’d have given this info already.

Ok thankyou. I’ll come back in 2 weeks.

@anon55704218, you sure you want to do that? You seem to need the forum and we’re here for you. Just sayin

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Thankyou. I’ll see in 2 weeks if I want to stay.


You’re a sweet…lovely…nobody!

And we can all tell you that a million times, but you still won’t believe any of us.

You are brokenly beautiful in your own way. I hope the best for you! :sunny:


Well thankyou lol :grinning:

Hi I’m back and I’m ready for my account to be deleted.

Are you sure? It’s only been 10 days,not 14 and you have been posting during that time

Yes I’m sure. 151515

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