Say Anything CXII !😊

And stop flagging what I say. You DO need the hospital.

You’re very sick and need help. Please seek help. The last thing you need is to continue indulging in this delusion.


I wanted to be an actuary and bought the first p1 study manual but realized with my condition I cannot do it. My negatives suck. If I had money, I would use infinite actuary too but it’s so expensive. It’s an online study thing but it’s pricey even with a student discount.

I wanted to be an economist/investment banker and then actuary. Now I’m thinking about programmer or something.


Please anominanize my account @ZombieMombie

My two cents are an online associates degree in math would be perfect for you.

It’s nothing overly advanced and it would give you a goal to work on.

I wanted to do that degree but my community college sadly doesn’t offer any math degrees.

It’s all business and sales crap.


We’re having a very sad day at my house.

With my mother in law passing,

My husband is just inconsolable.

And I’m also super upset that I’m not with my family right now.

It’s a tough year.

Took a PRN, hoping that’ll help calm me down a little.



That’s the steps. Sorry you feel you need to leave. But just because we tell you to get help is not a reason to leave. We care about you and want to see you well.


I’m so sorry @anon54386108. I hope your PRN helps


Hugs to you. I feel bad for a lot of people around this time of year.

Take care of yourself, friend.


What’s his email address that I have to email?

@ZombieMombie @SzAdmin anomynamize my account

We’ll consider this your first request. Come back in 2 weeks. Do you want to be silenced until then? That way you can still read and if change your mind you can PM a mod.

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No thanks 151551511515

i had a delusion i was bit by a vampire lol.

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You don’t know what it’s like to have voices,

I know what it’s like to have voices… they f*cked my life up… I hate it each day of my life it sucks… most of my memories aren’t real… we know what it feels like? You might feel better if you just pay a visit to the hospital? In this forum we all understand… that’s why we all come here🙂 listen to @ZombieMombie she’s not a mod for no reason


Merry Christmas everybody!!! My mother put a gift next to my door… how sweet is she… and bought a whole cake yesterday… we’re gonna eat it today! Not a big fan of sweets these days except for occasional chocolate, but Hey it’s Christmas !!!

Hope everybody gets to enjoy their day today!!!:blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:


ok everyone, will be spending the night over at mom and dad’s and then going to christmas at my sister’s place tomorrow. should be back tomorrow afternoon. dad is making chili tonight, yum, one of my favorites. he is also drinking egg nog and rum but won’t let me have any because i had beer earlier this week haha.

i drank like 4 cups of coffee today, don’t know how i will ever fall asleep tonight but o well, tomorrow will be a long day on little sleep most likely.

anyways merry christmas everybody,


Merry Christmas @Abise! :slight_smile:

Is it already Friday over there in Japan?


I just had 5 cal/140g noodles with tofu (110 cal/100g), 15 asian chicken dumplings (150 cal/100g/10 pieces), low sodium soy sauce and hot sauce. Good news today, I lost 2lb in the last 2 days, I am just eating 1600 cal/day, was eating 4000 b4. Down from 295lb to 269lb (I just weighted myself) in 2-3 months without exercise!


Fine work @Aziz. Is no small thing to lose a significant amount of weight.