I want to quit forum schizophrenia

@mrhappy pay attention that I am essentially Israel’s main representative in forum schizophrenia.
For me, studying Mathematics, training at and playing Chess, training at health club,
developing my spatial cognition, all these beat schizophrenia forum for me.
Some invisible force pulls me to participate in schizophrenia forum.
I indeed have schizophrenia, but I would prefer to concentrate on my recovery efforts rather than be in schizophrenia forum.

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why are we not good enough for you? you can help others in your position, use your recovery as a source of inspiration but you squander what you learn, thats not very smart in my book.

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@mrhappy I have to tell you, a couple of psychiatrists said my life is essentially over(due to Schizophrenia).

My father claims that the fact that I train many hours a day at the health club means that I am functioning.

My goals for recovery are the following:

Develop my chess talent( including playing at competitions OTB ), have friends, train many hours every day at the health club,
develop my cognition, possibly studying mathematics with a view to doing a Phd and being
a mathematics researcher\lecturer.
I will be single, but I may try to acquire kids this way or the other.

I guess if I get to realize all my plans, you could call that a spectacular recovery.


i have plans too but i share my achievements and things on here, you are unique and if you get as you say

wouldn’t you want to share your journey here? to inspire others

Same here. They were wrong.



i think its reverse psychology they use on us lol, i guess it has the desired effect (sometimes) :confused:

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I wish a doctor had enough faith in my ability to make a life to be tough with me. I guess I just don’t have what it takes and everybody knows it.

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Well it’s up to you. I quite like it here. I like being able to talk to and support others. However, if you have other things you need to do then do them. Good luck.

I would as well right now, but I’m dealing with some significant personal stress and my primary support mostly lives in another town these days. I need backup support and this forum is it. There are people here who know me well enough that they’ll tell me if they see me declining. I need that part of this place at the moment.

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Go to YouTube. Oh yeah, I forgot, it’s beneath you.


I too want to aquire friends and not spend too much time on this forum. I feel it makes me dwell too much on my problems and I want to spend more time making my brain more healthy. I will try to exercise more too.
What ever you choose to do @Chess24
take care.

dont force it, leave this place when your ready, come back when you need help

talk to a psychiatrist about minor tranquilizers (benzodiazepines) if you havent already

with discipline (i take them maybe once a week at the most often) i have not become addicted to them ever

@Chess24 we have this message from @SzAdmin

I can silence your account for a couple weeks if you like.


I think you know yourself best @Chess24, and I hope you succeed at whatever goals you have.
I support you fully and maybe one day you can return to tell us of your accomplishments and just know I’ll be thinking of you.

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@Chess24 I like your postings, photo taking is my hobby and I am glad here is the forum where I can share my photos. I would like to see photos from Israel, the weather there is quite different from my weather. Also bicycle riding is my hobby, quite helpful, do many people ride bicycles in Israel? Personally I would like to visit Israel, but now I have no motivation.

It requires a lot to achieve the PhD in mathematics, one should do studies in the university. I wish you can achieve this goal, but first you need to start the university studies.

If you only have intrusive thoughts, how can you have severe schizophrenia? You have energy to go to gym. I can’t do that

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@OTRA is from Israel :israel: too.

@Chess24…we’ll miss you if yo u leave

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