Delete my account im done with this forum, im done with all the bs

People slander my for past mistake, im tired of it, im finding another forum that is more understanding and educated, people here are so ignorant and one minded it blows my mind. Im done.

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did u finish doom eternal?

It’s not slander if it’s true.

Look through your old posts.

I didn’t make anything up.


Bro im done im serious im moving on with my life, i need this treatment.

In that case,

I hope you don’t continue to make the same mistakes and learn something.

Good luck out there.

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omg are you serious this why im leaving.

you seriously should be suspended.

I can’t even believe how you are.


I didn’t do anything wrong.

I presented the facts,

He got upset.


that’s called picking fights.

it’s what I’ve been accused of.

Thank you i agree

Yeah, a lot of people here are pretty entitled, and don’t care how their words affect others. So much is said which is unnecessary.

I’m sorry to see you go, but I see why.

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Hey @oe1489 I will be sorry to see you go. I hope you decide to stay. And @anon54386108 while I appreciatethe point you tried to make, there are certainly more diplomatic and effective ways of getting an idea across. Maybe you two can just mute each other for a while until you both cool off?