Can't stop thinking of women!

It’s summer and there’s beautiful women everywhere. Having psychosis as an illness is a deal breaker for most. The stigma is there! So I don’t approach women at all. Not that I can, I get too nervous anyways. But man it sucks!

I’m depressed about this! It’s summer and I should be happy but I’m not.

Does anyone have any wisdom to share about this?

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Approaching women you don’t know - even at clubs or bars- it’s not the most effective strategy for most heterosexual men. I’d simply advice either joining social activities where you get to mingle with women, make use of your friends’ network or join a dating site.


No I’m not going to date. Nobody would want me anyway. Having negatives makes me look like a bum.

I just want to get past the issue of wanting a woman.

Your desire for sex and/or romance is in itself a good, healthy thing. Don’t give up yet!


I know you are probably hoping you can break out of your shell one day but just in case you can’t you can always try to handle life alone. But if you can break out of your shell it’s easier than you think to talk to a woman and I imagine in some cases it’s easier than you think to have sex with one. However it’s not easy to take care of a kid, or an adult with schizophrenia. Don’t leap unless you are willing to face the consequences.


I had a gf for 5yrs, before that I was so excited when seeing girls. Now its meh nothing too exciting or extraordinary.


I know how you feel.
I don’t like women anymore.
(Nor men either).

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Haha getting older will do that to you. Actually I wouldn’t mind a roll in the hay. Haven’t had sex in like 9 years (no husband)


I think for me its bcz I became more mature.

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I’m still very attracted to women, I have no self confidence but I’m working on it, once I lose the med weight for good I will cautiously put myself back out there. There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to whoever you’re attracted to even with sz, we all having something to offer, there’s a really attractive girl at the gas station near me and I’ve been able to have brief conversations with her instead of just standing there with the blank med glazed look.


Having schizophrenia is a deal breaker when it comes to dating.

I did an experiment. I signed up on 4 dating sites. I used the same pictures and wrote the same stuff on all of them. On 2 of them I wrote I had schizophrenia and on 2 of them I left that information out.

I’m sure you can all guess what happened. On the 2 websites that I wrote I had schizophrenia I got zero responses. On the other 2 websites I left that information out I got a few responses. I kept my profiles up for a few weeks then closed them down.

After that experiment I became discouraged about dating while having schizophrenia.


Womanly instinct. A woman doesn’t naturally want to breed with someone defective maybe. Idk.

To share my experience, not even a schizophrenic woman could date me because of the vast distances (she lived in another city 1,000 miles away). It’s really rare for a male and female schizophrenic to get together because schizophrenics represent 1% of a population whether it be in a city or country.

Most users on this forum who have a significant or are married are with a normal person. I say continue to strive & struggle to find a significant other who is normal because that seems to be what the facts and stats are.

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My husband has mental illness like I do, but his is severe depression and anxiety. He’s also physically disabled. His first wife left him because she didn’t want to deal with a man who went from working to being disabled. He thought he’d never be with anyone again. But he and I met each other one day and the rest is history. It’s possible to find someone. Don’t give up


My wisdom: Try to get laid @speedy.

You can tell them about your psychosis even…

It’s not lying if you dont tell em, you don’t owe them anything. Also tons of girls are into one night stands… If you’re good looking, dont worry about psychosis. If you arent try and train your character, become intriguing or get lot’s of social validation and friends. And if she falls in love she’ll see through the stigma (if you’re stable at least)

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It’s natural to think of woman when you are hormonal. You’ll grow out of it as you get older.

I have been sexually estranged from this world for about 3 maybe 4 years now

Plenty of interest on seedy websites, but nothing ‘romantic’ or worthy of pursuing.

Think I am passed it now, and I am just going to focus on trying to do the best I can and ignore everything else around me


I think it can be a good thing. It may force you outside of the bum apparience if you really want it

I feel the same and I want to get (by 1 year from now on) to the point where I feel confortable approaching women.

Good luck, brother.

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I can’t stop thinking of women either. I really love them, and I hope to find a lady one day and grow with her and make her happy.


If you ever want to be better at getting with women, you’re going to have to confront your anxieties around them. Be willing to embarrass yourself, because it’s likely going to happen. Just know it’s okay. It’s also okay to be turned down, or to find out you’re not actually into a person after all. These are all normal outcomes for everyone, don’t be hard on yourself if you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere.

You don’t have to be physically attractive, either. Personality, especially humor, goes a long way.

There’s success in frequency. If you never try, you can never hope to find someone. The more you try, the greater likelihood of success. It’s more of a mathematical problem than people realize.