There's this guy

Yea but we agreed only to be friends. Friends don’t have sex and he knows that.

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I know very few men/women friendships. They almost always become amorous. I’ve had women I was friends with but then they developed a crush on me and we ended up fooling around.

My last gf and I started having sex before we agreed to become gf/bf.

Good luck with your friendship, but it sounds like he doesn’t care… yeah, yeah, friends whatever, next girl please.

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Yea I don’t like the open relationship idea either especially cos of his thinking behind it which I won’t say.


I’ve met him once already and we have a good time together as friends.

And I really need a friend who I can talk to every day atm. So for me he is perfect.

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Well it seems like you like him more than a friend, but are at odds with the open relationship thing. If you can really pull off the friendship then all the power too you. Try not to let him take advantage of you, you’ll end up getting hurt.

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A girl told me that I should call her and ask her if we can go for a walk and for some coffee. She said this when we were out drinking.

She doesn’t know that I suffer from psychosis, I barely know her. I don’t know what she wants? A potential bf, a ■■■■■■■■■ or a friend? Perhaps she’s just lonely? Or she was just drunk?

What do you guys think?? What should I do? I’m not ready opening up about my illness to anyone.


I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but when it comes to dating and psychosis I think women have a definite advantage over men. I can talk to a woman and they’ll think I’m totally fine, but then I tell them that I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and they reject me, I’ve heard every excuse in the book…all of them except for 1, but she was immature and we didn’t have anything in common. I’d rather be single than in a relationship I’m not really into.

Even my ex-gf who knows me well called me up after like 20 years and wanted to hook up, but then I told her that a few years after we broke up I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, I never heard from her again.

Then I did this experiment.

At some point if it is going to be and open and honest relationship you will have to tell her but I wouldn’t hold my breath, women don’t like schizophrenia in their men. It’s not impossible to find a women but it seems damn hard with this disorder.

But there are plenty of women on this forum that land men and husbands despite their mental problems. It seems a bit unfair, but c’est la vie.


Yeah, I know what you mean. Women have it easier having illnesses and problems when it comes to dating. I guess I’ll just ignore what she said and not ask her out. I’m just not ready opening up about my illness, and even if I did, there’s the risk of gossip and rumors. I’ll sit this one out!


That part the bothers me too, it’s one thing to turn me down but it’s another to talk sh*t behind my back.

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If you are not ready for the chance that someone might turn you down when you open up then it’s best to forget about it.

Mental health comes first.

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@Speedy Concentrate on your mental health like @LittleMissSlothy says.

But when you are ready to dip your toe in the dating waters know that water is damn cold.

When you get rejected over your mental health, and you will, and you can’t change that, it can have a negative effect on your mental health itself. It took me a while to come to terms with the things I’ve been through and heard. I try to keep a positive attitude and not become bitter, but rejection has become a bit of a pattern for me. Whenever I talk to a new girl I hold a little hope but if I am honest with myself I know the chances are slim she’ll be ok with me having schizophrenia.

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I know what you mean. It’s better being realistic about outcomes. I am not ready to date. I want to have a stable life, and a life goal which means school or work. I really don’t care about women at the moment. Besides, sex is overrated. I can take care of myself better than any woman can. Thanks for the advice! I appreciate it. :wink:

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we have stopped talking to each other. he wanted me to block him so I did.

I am a bit sad about that.


basically there were some differences that were too different between us :,(

oh well.

life goes on :frowning:

it just was not going to work

he kept telling me that he is upset about me not listening to him

but he needs to understand that only i know best what suits my life as only i own this body and life of mine :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

but at the same time i feel relieved cos i don’t want to be upsetting him anymore just because of the way I live my life

like for instance,

he was very concerned about me being on an antipsychotic :frowning_face:

we fit together so well in a way but if we don’t share the same basic beliefs about important things it just doesn’t work at the end of the day :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

new friends can never compare to the old

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you definately should follow your doctors prescription. This is a medical issue not a philosophical one

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thanks for the support

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lol thats what online friends are for :grin:

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Sorry to hear things didn’t work out, but there are plenty of fish in the sea.

I had an opportunity with a girl once but we just were not right for each other so I didn’t pursue it, I think it’s better to be single than in an unhappy/unhealthy relationship.

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Thanks @Headspark yea it’s not worth it if it is stressful, especially with mental illness to manage.

There needs to be basic compatability.

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