Anyone tried Tinder?

Regarding dating apps I rate 2/5, didn’t get much interaction there and the ones I had were crap.
Could be better in UK tho

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I’ve tried Match, POF, Bumble, the facebook one, and a few others and now tinder, i’ve paid as well and all failed, :frowning: its not looking good :frowning:

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if you are fat or ugly, chances are low

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I deleted it today, didn’t get any likes so… I want to meet someone one day. I feel like women try to be friendly sometimes but I can’t keep eye contact for more than a split second. I only got to know someone when I was drunk earier in my life. I can’t drink anymore but if I did I would get lucky I know.

i should have done more research but i’m going to try and use it anyway, my friend and i went to a couple of speed dating nights couple years ago and we might go back to that again, i figure i’ll have a better chance now i have something interesting to say about myself.

@Ylajali I think too much alcohol might put women off,

I’m going out to a thing tonight at a bar but i doubt i’ll meet anyone, my pal will be there and its all the people from my radio station, i’m just going to try and enjoy it,

I’ve pretty much given up on finding a girlfriend. In real life they lose interest once I tell them I have schizophrenia and then I ran this dating website experiment and it proved to me that the chances of finding a girlfriend that doesn’t mind I have schizophrenia is next to zero.

Tinder kept asking me to sign in and forgot my details each time so I gave up with it in the end
:man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

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I wouldnt mention that until any potential friends get to know me, i try and focus on what is positive about myself and not what is awry

@Joker damn that sucks, i paid a six month thing, i thought the more i pay the better chance i have but idk, hopefully my profile will be ok, my pic is the best i’ve ever had i think so fingers crossed.

I don’t think it matters. I’ve told women right away, and I have waited. The results were the same. Even my friends have drifted away and there is no romantic feelings involved with that. People hear ‘schizophrenia’ and distance themselves, It doesn’t matter if it has been days, months or years.

I once waited a month and got to know the girl really well, then I told her and she freaked out for misleading her. I usually just tell them early on, I don’t want to waste my time getting to know them only to get rejected months or years down the road like in that example, waste of my time.


I paid for 6 months on and that was a waste of money

My fault partly as I struggle to keep conversations going

It was kinda demoralising as well when someone gives you an auto no thanks, it blocks you and that’s before you even get a chance to know each other

So superficial

Many of the profiles are dormant anyway


I did online dating years ago. In my experience, most of the men were only looking for sex, or didn’t want to get off the internet or phone and meet in person. And men who were much older than me would contact me, and then get angry when I said I wasn’t interested.

I mostly feel uncomfortable online dating, because I hate people seeing me and watching me. It kicks up my paranoia that they can control me or humiliate me, just by seeing me and figuring out my weaknesses.


Headspace, man that sucks, maybe we should just keep it to ourselves then and just be careful with the meds and stuff, why give up a good relationship just for the sake of that? i would sugar coat it and say that i’ve had some depression in the past or something (not as serious) maybe that is stupid but as i say focus on the positive, schiz is a big negative, is like an hbomb in that situation.

@Joker i think you might be right, i bet most of the profiles are dormant but i can see who is online as well so i’d go the most recent or whatever but still very difficult, i have only had a handful of conversations and that was mostly on facebook dating until i got swamped with fake chinese accounts

@Pandy i am sorry you had that experience it must be hard for some women on those sites as well, i try and be nice and not talk dirty or anything, my main priority is just meeting someone i like and whatever happens happens i’m not just looking for sex, i wish women could know who were the decent guys and who weren’t but how the heck can we do that? lol


That’s so good to hear.

I know there are decent men out there.

I want to believe there is someone out there for me, but now I will be 49 next month, and for women over 40, it’s very hard. Then add in the SZA, and well, like all of us, it makes it even harder. But I keep hoping… if it’s meant to be, it will be. I’m just not sure I can go online. Maybe I’ll wait until I turn 50, and go on one of the 50 and older sites.

It’s been hard meeting anyone, in general, because I moved somewhere I don’t like, and I have little desire to get out and see what’s around. AND I moved right before the pandemic. So it’s been hard to see what’s around.

But again, I remain hopeful. Yes, I have this illness, but am I really that bad? (Besides what the voices tell me when I have breakthrough paranoia.)

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No, I am honest to a fault and I expect the same from my partner. I wouldn’t appreciate it if she held something major back from me. I’d rather be single than live with a “dirty little secret” constantly worrying she’ll find out and leave me. I’ve been single for a long time now, I’m kinda use to it.


well i think i can choose what i am honest about, there is nothing written anywhere that says i am allowed to just not disclose my illness ‘and why should i if its not causing much distress?’ if it was apparent that i was mentally ill then the person could probably tell anyway, why would i disclose something that would potentially kill my relationship stone dead?

You can do what you want and share what you want, that’s up to you. But if you spend a year or two with a woman, and get emotionally attached to her, and then she finds out and dumps you you’re only going to get hurt.

I can only speak for myself but if the tables were turned and she had some major problem and didn’t tell me relatively early on in the relationship I would be upset with her.

It is more ok for a woman to be ‘crazy’ and date than it is for a man to be ‘crazy’ and date.

Is this because men will screw anything and women are more choosy?

I’d rather have two years as opposed to 1 month, those 2 yrs could be amazing, why do a pre-emptive strike?

idk i just deal with things as they happen, if she seems fine i’m not that bothered and if something happens there isnt much i can do except be there for her .

Unfortonalyy @Resilient1 you either join the superficiallity no matter how fake it seems and feels or you get left out

I’m the opposite. I’d rather be single than be in a relationship full of secrets knowing it could come to an end at any time if she found out. For me, knowing she might find out and dump me would preclude me from thinking this is an amazing relationship.

If I find a girl accepting of my condition I’d feel a lot more comfortable in the relationship.

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