Anyone tried Tinder?

i was out with my pal tonight at a fundraiser gig for my radio station
it was pretty good :slight_smile:

I’m looking for someone to go to a gig with me on the 29th, it’ll be live rapping along with an orchestra lol


Sounds fun…you might find someone on tinder by then.

Just swipe and swipe and swipe

Lol… But not too much obviously

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I haven;t but when well… I will! and when i drive

This thread and @Joker post made me think of setting mine up again as well but I have a question…

How does it work?

If I swipe a picture I like and she swipes mine and the system matches us up, what happens next? Do we communicate through the app, then agree to meet somewhere or is there more to it than that?


From what I remember, yes that’s all.

Have you ever had experience on pof or OK cupid?


Ok, thanks @LittleMissSlothy

Yeah, I’ve been on both pof and ok Cupid and some others too, but only to run my experiment, then I got discouraged.

I try to have a positive attitude but I know it’ll probably end in disaster.

The last internet dates I went on were from a now defunct dating site called classifieds 2000, but that was before I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. The dates went well but ultimately nothing came of it, they lived a little to far from me and I didn’t feel like driving that far all the time.

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I think maybe meeting women in real life, letting them get to know who you are first then after like 5 dates, reveal it. It could be different once they know you as a person first.

Idk… You do you.


whats a good opener? idk i have 5 matches idk what to write

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why don’t you hook up when you were younger like 20-30? what age did you get schizophrenia?

I was in several relationships in my 20s and 30s.

That’s really none of your business. Your opinions and interrogations are not welcome.


That’s super ■■■■■■■ rude.

She’s right, that’s none of your business and very disrespectful to say.

She has her reasons,

Don’t be an ass.


Tinder didn’t do me any favors.
I’m asexual, and the people I met on Tinder were very interested in sex.

One even went as far as starting out by saying she was okay with not sexing, and then went on to ask increasingly uncomfortable questions under the disguise of “I wanna understand properly”
It was very obvious she was fishing for me to admit that sex was up for negotiation, or that I would change my mind under the right circumstances.

Thank you. This is not the first time he has “interrogated” me. I was just stupid enough to answer his questions, because I was the one who didn’t want to seem rude.

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If someone is a jackass,

Flag them.

Or write a hateful message back, but that could get you suspended.

Depending on how hateful it is.

My advice is to just flag inappropriate comments.

It’s absolutely not rude to not answer probing questions.


I will definitely flag in the future. Thanks.

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apparently the best time to text or boost is 7-9pm

Lol you can even have better results with a ton of good pics, I said ton but 5 or 7 would be enough I guess, not an expert but I get that complain all the time, that I don’t have enough pics.

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I can’t tell you that because I’m not you. You just gotta be yourself… It’s the only way

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i dont think i’m going to get anywahere with thsi :frowning:

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