Do you feel that you are

Yeah, I wrote about an experiment I did on dating sites, one of them was pof. I’ve been on a few Internet dates but they went nowhere. I don’t have a problem meeting or talking to women in real life, I’m pretty good at reading body language and women see me at grocery stores and other places and make it obvious they are interested and want me to hit on them, it’s just when I tell them I have schizophrenia they lose interest. There has only been a few women that were still interested after I told them but we ended up having nothing in common. I’d rather be single than in a relationship I’m not happy with. I’m lonely and frustrated, but not desperate. I’m probably a little too picky too.

About a year ago my ex from 20 years called me up and wanted to hook up, I told her that a few years after we broke up I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I never heard back from her. That’s just an example of what I deal with.