Vitamin Pregnenolone - New Treatment for Schizophrenia - anyone trying it?

Please let me know if you have tried pregnenolone? What effects positive or negative have you noticed?
If you haven’t tried it - perhaps try it and report back.

I’ve read that it can be helpful in negative symptoms that are common in schizophrenia.

The dosing in the top study was 50 mg per day.

It can be purchased here (this link is a google shopping search:

I found some clinical trials that had demonstrated effect…

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Additionally, I also found these journal articles…
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Thank you. That’s a very useful post.


Let us know if you try it - and what the effects were.


Gee, I wonder about calling this hormone a vitamin. I gather Vitamin D is a hormone, however.

Well, I know who to ask about Pregnenolone. Specifically, I go to a specialist in OTC nutrients for schizophrenia, although his practice has been turned upside down by all the cancer patients who clearly demonstrated that his stuff saves lives; schizophrenics like myself have to deal with stuff like, “Well, you probably were misdiagnosed when they labeled you schizophrenic.” Yeah, and I was surely misdiagnosed when they locked me up against my will for nearly two years in mental hospitals; now I’ve lived independently for greater than 30 years.

I do well.



I wonder if any studies have been done on long term effects.

Studies haven’t been done on the long term effects of pharmaceuticals, so I doubt that they’ve been done with nutritional supplements.

I think this is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body. I would be wary of upping the amount because it is a hormone… Though the good effects would be tempting. I would probably not try it until it was tested by time.

Great - Let us know how it goes.

Will order some and let you know.



Let us know of you’ve tried it - and if it does anything for you. Tell us us how long you’ve been using it - and what brand of product (where you purchased it). Thanks.

Thanks Pixel,

Let us know.

I read good things about Pregnenolone and decided to try it over a year ago. I took half of the pill, which was a total of 25 mg. I felt a bit lightheaded after it. The reason I didn’t take it anymore is because I couldn’t read after I took it, this effect went away luckily. I first got the side-effect of not being able to read after I took a high dose of Piracetam for some time. After that I have gotten it also from fish oil and Licorice root, with varying degrees of severity. I did like how it made me feel overall, it helped my akathisia a lot and negative symptoms were better. I think I still have it so I might try it again but I doubt I will have a different response, I know that’s just me and almost everybody else doesn’t get the effect on their ability to read.

I will try it. I researched about it before but never tried it yet. I will share my results on here too.

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How can one get this stuff? Does it have to be prescribed? What if you live in the UK? Anyone know?

Hi - you can just buy it online. I like to use the Google Shopping Search engine - here is the link/search - just click on it and you can see where you can buy the products. You need to take 50mg a day says the study.

This drug is a steroid. I take steroids off and on to treat asthma and RA. They are horrible albeit lifesaving drugs. It is dangerous to take steroids long term. They negatively affect immunity and caused thinning of the skin as well as disrupt sleep and cause excessive weight gain. I am currently taking Medrol - a steroid for RA and am suffering from all its effects. I wonder if Medrol and Prednisone help negative symptoms. I know that steroids can cause psychosis. I have had problems with that when taking higher doses. I would want some of these questions answered before I would agree to take it.

Are steroids hormones? Are steroids vitamins?


Its a Neurosteroid - which I think is different:


Interesting information on the neurosteroid action:

And - as was suggested - just for shorter term use right now until longer term studies come out: