Invega and Reading + Meditation

I have a questiion:

I am on Invega and cannot 1) read books and 2) practice meditation. Someone I spoke to said that this might be bc the meds inhibit working memory but I still dont know what to do. Every time I start to read a book I get this lock down sensation and sublte headache. Its a real problem… Might be going med free in the future.

I can read on Invega

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Lol, I’m just saying maybe it isn’t from the meds

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  1. i can read books. however not for long. 2) i lost all of my spirituality after psychosis.

ive read many reports of people quiting invega and all of these wonderful things like spirituality and focus fully returned to their previous state. some described their emotions and feelings of happyness returning over night as if a beam of joy covered them and they felt their best the next weeks.

These concentration issues are very common with schizophrenia - they called cognitive symptoms and are one of the defining characteristics of schizophrenia / psychosis. They are not from the medication.

You can learn more here:

There are currently no medications that target the cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia (which fall under the general classification of “Negative Symptoms” of schizophrenia - though some of them can help a bit.

The most helpful approaches so far available seem to be some supplements and therapy - including cognitive remediation therapy and also some computer-based memory training.

Here are some links to these:


I don’t blame you for the frustration and the impulse to act upon it. Not being able to read drove me nuts when I was more highly medicated. But I did the CBT- & MBCT-type psychotherapy I was offered and found over time that I could tolerate ever-lower doses of my anti-P. Now I can read and concentrate pretty well.

Hi SzAdmin,

thanks for you response. I do not think thought that this is correct. I was able to function perfectly fine for 5 years on Olanzapine and when I switched to Invega the reading trouble began. Its also preventing me from practicing mindfulness which I had also previously done a lot, before switching to Invega. I admit I had a minor psychosis after going to Olanzapine to Invega but even the feeling of not being able to enter into reading does not feel like a part of sz but rather a chemical wall I run into. A channeler I worked with also said that the medication is causing this. I would also be scheptical of large statements like cognitive impairment generally, but this is just me.


would you refer me to some of those reports?

just google “how long does invega sustenna stay in the system” and there will be tons of forum posts made by people who have been given invega/xeplion and their experiences with this medication and what happened after they quit.

One thing that hurts my ability to read is caffeine. I hope I can do without caffeine and practice meditation. Life isn’t as exciting when I try that, but it is easier on my heart.

My reading ability is messed up. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the damage of my last psychosis. Maybe it’s Wellbutrin or my current antipsychotics. I’m adding words and misreading things. It sucks. I was a great reader. I also feel the medications slows my reading ability down.

@saurav Let me teel you that is great that you can live without medication, even though you have persistent delusions, but some of us rather be medicated than having to deal with the stuff we have to deal unmedicated. It is only a matter of respect here.

It sounds like in your situation that the medication may be responsible for your reading issues, from the information you’ve given. Have you talked to your doctor about this issue and discussed the idea of trying a different medication or adjusting the dosage?

I understand Minnii, i have to empathize.

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