L-theanine is Effective in Lessening Positive Symptoms, and improving Sleep Quality in patients with schizophrenia


Everyone who has tried L-Theanine, please respond to the poll we have now on whether its been helpful or note:


I finally have some money. Should I buy L-Theanine?


I took L-Theanine over a year ago for some time, only 150mg(still have the bottle) made me more anxious, so I quit it pretty fast.


What about magnesium and COQ10? Any other supplements? What about folate?


What ever happened to the drink Tyrodep?


It never seemed to have made it out of testing. I guess the results were not what was expected.


another person’s experience with L-theanine


I just ordered l theanine and pregnenolone ( not sure if I spelled it right). I’m kind of worried how it will affect my mood.


u can update on that…


That sounds like an advertisement.


Just took my first dose of l theanine and pregnenolone. Will keep you guys updated.


Noticed I feel more relaxed but it’s mild. I feel calmer. I think the pregnenolone is causing slight chest pain. I hope it goes away. I’m hoping these drugs improve my negative symptoms, especially intelligence and motivation.


I’m hoping pregnenolone will cause me to grow a beard. It’s something I really want in life.


Is it safe to take 400 mg of l theanine a day? I have 200 mg tablets and can’t take 250 mg.


The study used 250 mg. I would use 200 mg if you can’t take exactly 250.

I’d keep it at that level for at least a few weeks or longer and see how it goes. Perhaps you have a doctors appointment coming up and can discuss the higher dose with him or her.


Third day on L Theanine. I feel more rational, less delusional, smarter, and more relaxed.


4th day on L-theanine. I feel more confident and clear-headed. It’s hard to tell what’s from l-theanine and what’s from pregnenolone.


How is lysine? Are there any studies of it with schizophrenia? I read one poster is one it.



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