L-theanine is Effective in Lessening Positive Symptoms, and improving Sleep Quality in patients with schizophrenia


Damn I’ve got lysine in the cupboard, I’ll go try it and report back.


Just took 3 600mg of l-lysine, I’ll see how it goes


The studies were at 6 grams a day to be effective. You may want to phase up to that slowly just to see what happens.


I started to take this, is 100mg a day pointless?


I don’t know - but in the research studies they used 250mg and it showed results. If you don’t get results at 100mg, you might want to try the 250mg they used in the research studies.


I honestly don’t know if it’s pregnenolone or l-theanine but this is the third consecutive day my derealization has made a dramatic improvement. I’m thinking it’s the l-theanine though.


This is the fundamental problem when you add multiple new supplements at once - its impossible to tell what is helping and what isn’t.

In the future - please - just add one new thing at a time - wait for a few weeks - and see if there has been an improvement. Then - add a new one.


Can anybody tell me if i should add sarcosine and what dosage?


You can read up on Sarcosine here:

and here:


I started L-theanine roughly two weeks ago, and as of Monday, I haven’t been so healthy and symptom free in a very long time.

I don’t want to contribute it to L-t just yet, because I’ve had cycles like this, but I have a suspicion that it’s working. No more paranoia, no more hallucinations, no more suicidal thoughts.

But there is one thing that could be affecting my mood in a positive way other than L-t, so that’s why I’m being healthily skeptical.


Ya, l theanine has reduced my derealization and anxiety to nothing. I don’t suffer much anymore.


I’m trying to come off benzos and have upped my dosage of l-theanine to a whopping 800mg a day in 2x400 mg doses. Didn’t need a benzo once I did that yesterday as a result. Will see how it goes long term.


Cool. That seems like a lot. I’ve tried taking 400 mg and didn’t notice much of a difference so I take 200 mg.


Wow - let us know how it goes. Please report back on how you’re feeling on this - every day or two.


It’s heavy sedation at that dose, that’s for sure. The first 400mg dose is appropriate considering my level of anxiety. But 400mg for the second dose might be too heavy for me so I can see the second dose getting adjusted downwards. Either way I certainly didn’t need a benzo. At least so far. Fingers crossed.


400mg in one go seems to cause bad depression(I think this was mentioned by a previous poster) , so I’ll have to drop the dosage. 200mg seems fine in that respect. So maybe 2 x 300mg will be a sweet spot. Or maybe it’s back to benzos. Will report back…


Are you suffering from depression now, do you think? Or are you just remembering what a previous poster might have said?


I don’t suffer from depression, but a 400mg dose causes it big time. The depression is quite intense at 400mg but it only lasts as long as the 400mg ‘hit’ lasts, which for me is about 5 hours. I found myself just waiting for it to end. It was like ‘come back anxiety all is forgiven’. If one suffers from depression to begin with I wouldn’t recommend a 400mg ‘hit’. In fact I wouldn’t recommend 400mg in one go at all.

On the plus side, it looks like another benzo free day.

Hopefully I’ll have better luck with 300mg. If not I don’t know that 200mg is enough for my abilify induced anxiety.


THanks for the update - very interesting and helpful to many people I’m Sure.


I feel like l theanine makes me lazy.