L-theanine is Effective in Lessening Positive Symptoms, and improving Sleep Quality in patients with schizophrenia


You might look at finding a better doctor / medical team. Generally the approach in modern clinics and with doctors working on optimizing outcomes today - they work to get the medications as low as possible so that the person doesn’t feel drugged or zombie like. It takes some time and is a balancing act (too low and they risk relapse) but they should at least be working towards getting the medications as low as possible to reduce the side effects.

Then the add ons like you’ve suggested are great to help improve outcomes.


Thanks. I have found that trying to advocate for a 19 year-old is very difficult. Even though he has signed the necessary releases, nobody seems to want to answer my questions. My phone calls are not returned and I am continually left hanging. Now I’m just pissed. Flipping pissed. I am thankful for the mental health programs available and I get that the hospitals are stressed to the max, but I am ADVOCATING for him. I am on their side. I don’t want him going back, yet my attempt to help him stay socialized once he leaves through outpatient programming and other therapies is like pulling teeth. “He doesn’t qualify”. What the heck? He has schizophrenia! He qualifys for EVERYTHING! I’m not asking you to babysit him, just give me the referrals I need and I will take care of the rest. UGH…rant over


I recommend reading up about how best to deal with these issues in our FAQ:

Your doctor may not talk to you - but many doctors will listen to you. We have a section on the site about this and how to work with the confidentiality rules in the west that prevent you from knowing what is going on with your son (very frustrating).

Here is that information:


Interestingly, when his therapist from the hospital called today ( I’m sorry but she has failed at her job, many parents of adult children who had her as their loved one’s therapist were complaining of lack of communication- which was voiced at a family orientation) she said that my son didn’t “qualify” for outpatient treatment. I told her “I won’t accept that an answer from you and I would like to speak with the person who made this decision - I am looking at the printed handout of the outpatient information which your facility provides at the front desk and ,my son CLEARLY qualifies according to the brochure’s criteria.” I was transferred to the receptionist who transferred me to the outpatient doctor. I had gone his route before but only made to his secretary. Today he answered. I pleaded my case. I was polite and showed my commitment to my son’s treatment and it made a difference. He is taking steps now to get me some answers as well as consulting with other doctors and nurse practitioners at the hospital. When it came down to it, I could tell that his main concern was that my son, aged 19, would be looking more for people to “hang out” with at group therapy rather than focusing on his own personal development. This made total sense with me and I was able to see the doctor’s side. Why would he want to bring a non-compliant ( well, not anymore) “boy” into a group therapy which included adults who were truly trying to cope with their illnesses. It made total sense. However, he sensed that I was very involved with his therapy and is going to call me back with an answer. If it’s not with his group, then he will have other answers.
Taking this experience to my NAMI meeting. I learned a lot today!


I tried 150mg of L-theanine twice daily for the past week, it worked to reduce my paranoia but I’m stopping the theanine today because it was slowing down my thoughts too much. I was able to function better with the theanine but the slowing down effect proved to be difficult to tolerate, particularly not being able to follow conversations in real time.


I’m thinking of taking L-theanine as a better alternative than Xanax for social anxiety and quality of sleep. Has anyone found it helpful that way?


Still in the same dosage and still feeling improvements


Felt a litle depressed, had to lower the dosage to 250mg three times a day


I didn’t take it for a while. Just took 200mg a few hours ago and hey presto! Torture gone. I’ll just set a reminder on my phone to continue taking it.



Pregnenolone with L-Theanine augmentation may offer a new therapeutic strategy for treatment of negative and anxiety symptoms in schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. Further studies are warranted.


Now 250 mg two times a day and feelling good!


How long have you been using it?


I don’t know for shure, maybe 2 months


This just in - another study on this compound, and another compound we mentioned earlier:

Add-on Pregnenolone with L-Theanine to Antipsychotic Therapy Relieves Negative and Anxiety Symptoms of Schizophrenia: An 8-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.


Pregnenolone with L-Theanine augmentation may offer a new therapeutic strategy for treatment of negative and anxiety symptoms in schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. Further studies are warranted.

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I’m thinking of buying L-Theanine next month when I have extra money. Has anyone tried pregnenolone?


I ingested lead when I was a kid. I used to chew on the split shot fishing weights when fishing at my Grandfathers lakeside home.


I’ve been taking this for about 3 weeks now and it’s improved my quality of sleep immensely. Granted I’d sleep 12 hours with Saphris a night it wasn’t good sleep, restless ya know. During the day I’m more relaxed, it’s better I like it. I can’t trust myself with benzos so this is working. The real test will be when school starts next week. Clinical, patients!


Thanks for the update. Other people please report your results either good or bad.


I’m trying l theanine now, my 3rd day. I’m not expecting a cure but if it helps in any way I’ll be pleased


Any update on the L-Theanine use? Is it helping you? if it is, how is it helping you?