Video game thread!


Darn. I gave up my house internet six months ago and the library won’t support the Switch. Oh well. You guys would spray my spray back in my face. Tbh imfuo lol.


Hah no worries. I think we’re all on different time zones as it is. Have you heard about this…

There may be the possibility of playing Xbox One games on Switch one day. You might need to reconsider getting the internet!


Cool. There was a lot of cross compatibility when I was playing Elite Dangerous on PS4 if I remember right. But that would be awesome. I didn’t think Microsoft would ever have anything to do with Nintendo.


No I don’t have smash bros @ilovethaifood but it sounds like that would be fun.


Can’t wait I get my copy of resident evil 2 remake in the mail tomorrow


I just ordered two replacement joy con since mine are dying. Also replaced my ps4 gold headset for a fourth time, but they redesigned the headset and got rid of its hinges that let it fold for storage. Those hinges broke on three of my headsets, the redesign has no hinges and can’t fold so I don’t expect it to break.

The headset works with switch also


I’m definitely excited for both fire emblem and the new Pokemon game! :smiley:


Do you play Pokemon Ultra moon/sun?


video games video games like you dont have what to do :smiley:


video games i need them


Currently playing Mortal Kombat II on the Sega 32X and it’s awesome!


It’s a good game. I’m not sure there are enough of us who have it to start a tournament though. If you should get it you’d enjoy it I think.


No I missed a few Pokemon generations. I’m looking forward to the new Pokemon Sword and Shield games. I think i’ll get one of those. I am definitely going to get Fire Emblem Three Houses. Did you finish Echoes of Valentia?


Finally bought re 2 its installing now.


Got monster hunter world and have been fighting with my brother over the Xbox for it. It’s pretty fun. I’ve tried to get into monster hunter games in the past but there was just too much content and I got overwhelmed because I was busy at the time. I’m trying to give this one more of a chance.


Just got a dance pad and am going through Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix on Stepmania. The exercise is really invigorating! Better than stationary biking IMO.


Devil May Cry 5 comes out in three days. I beat the third one on Dante must Die mode, was a really fun challenge. Also waiting on my Kingdom Hearts to come in. More games than I have time to play, but I couldn’t pass up pre order DLC on KH or DMC.


Have you tried Dragons Dogma? From what I’ve read it will be released for the Nintendo switch this year. I’m looking forward to it. It’s like a cross between skyrim and devil may cry lite.


Oh yeah also if you’d like to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate let me know! I look forward to being defeated by you and not some random haha. I usually play with my friends between 7pm to 12 am Pacific time. Other than those hours I’m usually free to play! And should you ever decide to try Red Dead Redemption online or Fifa 19 for ps4 you’re welcome to join us. I have to admit though RDR online is a little lacking at the moment and full of toxic people, then on fifa 19 we have a losing record.


Nearly bought the Traveler case for the Switch but I really don’t travel so maybe I will save the $25.