Video game thread!


When I purchased the Switch on release day I got the special edition of Zelda Breath of the Wild. It came with this case.

It has served me well.


And the latest Final Fantasy for PS4 was on sale today at Shopko that was also tempting. But I really should just focus on the games I have. Kerbal Space Program virtually has no limits and Super Smash Bros will keep me busy for a while.


I’ve been waiting for the Switch version of final fantasy (the one with Vaan and Balthier) for a few months now. It has a April release date. I’m looking forward to that and also Final Fantasy the one for the N64 remastered. I think it is called Crsytal Chronicles Heroes or some such. It is a four player coop game. Hopefully it allows for online play. I remember playing it for the N64 with an ex and a friend waay back. We only ever played it about twice because it was a hassle that required separate Nintendo Gameboy Advance systems and special plugs for them to connect to the N64.


What time zone are you in @ilovethaifood ? Western USA time?


Yeah Pacific time so… GMT +8 I think.


I’d love to play sometime tomorrow, maybe 3 or 4 pm? I’m 3 hours later than you on Eastern time. I’m not feeling too good tonight.


They actually have a decent game this month for PS plus waiting for it to download haven’t played modern warfare in years


I hope you feel better tomorrow agent. Sounds good. I have to go to the cable provider tomorrow to switch some things around. The bill is getting more expensive. Should be fine by 3 or 4.


Back in video game related news. For those of you who are fans of Dune. Two separate video games are in the works. It may turn out to be one. A company that makes MMORPG’s has acquired the rights to one. It may be years before it is released if it is even finished.


@ilovethaifood Are you up for smash?


Yessiree! I’m up for some smash.


I’ll create a room and say “friends only” maybe you can look for it


I’ll look for it. Let me know when you’re all set.


ok arena name is “smash” all lowercase and the password is 55558888. It’s set to 4 player battle even though it would just be us. I hope it appears on your list when you choose join arena.

I just recreated it with the friend option on and switched it to 1v1


Found it! 151515


I swear not one of these self destructs was purposeful lol


@ilovethaifood mind if we take a break for a bit?


Not at all. It was quite fun! Good training. You haven’t heard the last of me yet! Oh yeah! Lol jk. Yeah it’s fine.


I despise pac man lol what does he think he’s doing with that galaga ship


Lol he’s all over the place. Your Ken was tough. You got the Shoryuken down to an art.