Video game thread!


I don’t know how to check the amount of time played. :frowning:


Yes, I think i’m going to be sucked into this new generation of pokemon. I’m looking forward to it. I already saw the three starter pokemon available. I don’t know have the new pokemon so it should be loads of fun learning about the newer ones. @schizomaticly Have you heard about Pokemon Sword and Shield? I know you’re one of the resident pokemon experts.


The Switch is awesome. I’m working on Pokemon: Let’s Go Pickachu atm. Gonna check out that Pokemon though. :grinning:


I had a good gaming session with my friend. We played Battlefield V and met two others who joined our squad. They turned out to be pretty cool people. Together we did well, got best squad of the match once and I got first place with a 30-17 score. It was satisfying to use teamwork.

Is anyone going to get The Division 2? It’s a squad based cover shooter available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. I think i’ll get it for the PS4. I really enjoyed the first with a few people I met along the way.


For the Nintendo Switch i’m really looking forward to Fire Emblem Three Houses which has been announced with a July 27th release date. I’ve been anticipating it since it was first mentioned. It looks like this time around you can’t create your character, but can choose between a male or female protagonist then get to choose which of the Three Houses you can side with. It looks pretty good. I know @schizomaticly also enjoys the Fire Emblem games. Anyone else here excited about Fire Emblem Three Houses?


I’m just confused, I want to play, but stop after a few minutes. I even bought a new mouse and a new keyboard. On my old keyboard, the keys were to flat and the O key was missing, and my Razer DeathAdder has a bug, it has the double-click bug.

I am interested in Apex Legends. But I do not want to download a game that I stop after a few minutes. I always get the same delusional thoughts when playing. The voices say that I should not do that. And then I always see pictures in which I am poorly portrayed. Because of playing the games.


I’m picking it up very soon. I’ve been playing RE7, and only heard about the remake a month ago.


How do you know how much did you played?


I haven’t played a video game in like 5 weeks


I bought power a controller for switch golden Mario edition and the r1 button get stuck when I played enter the gungeon…■■■■ controller not ergonomic wouldn’t recommend it …better had saved for pro controller… bought just becouse cool design… thumb sticks pretty cool


I play blazblue central fiction on switch with my hori rap arcade switch…

Also started playing enter the gungeon which is pretty cool but my controller broke so will not play it …

Also learning mortal kombat xl with the same stick and street fighter v which is very hard… I try to play chun li…
In mortal kombat I am main katana assassin…the player matches are horrible … online… they match me in mortal kombat to players who are played over 400 matches in ranked or 1000 so my win chance is small
With PS4 controller I defeated some of them with fight stick I need practice more becouse to learn to play with arcade stick it’s very hard


Anybody alive? Let’s talk about video games … I am going to sleep soon


Mariokart on Wii. Used to play more but lost interest.


Very old console :sunglasses: played speed racer on it and little bit mario paper and some other games don’t remember


Yeah i know but it works, dont know about buying games to it nowadays but i have mariokart lol :blush:


Cool cool it will be retro one day… keep it


I’m a little surprised I thought I had played my Nintendo Switch more than this.

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim 5 hours played

Super Smash Bros Ultimate 15 hours played

Tales of Vesperia 3 hours played

Octopath Traveler 10 hours played

Fire Emblem Warriors 5 hours played

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 2 hours played

I need to step up my Nintendo Switch play time.


Who here has Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch? We should start a tourney. The Cup 2019.


Do you mean an online tourney or how many hours played over the course of a month or so?

Good idea though

First Place: a Valium
Second Place: a cup of coffee
Third Place: a cigarette

I know. I’m just being weird.


I don’t drink coffee and I gave up cigarettes last month. I meant a tournament with brackets! Best out of 5 matches. It would require a larger group of people though I think. Super Smash Bros is loads of fun. Too bad we can’t have an online 8 person battle between each other here. That would be fun. @Qwerty do you have Super Smash Bros Ultimate?