Video game thread!


What video games have you been playing recently? Video games are a big hobby of mine. Which type video games are your favorite? Feel free to share.


I watch people play Street Fighter V on pretty frequently, a few times a week, but I haven’t actually played any games recently.

Former Team Fortress Classic addict though, played it for 10 years.


I used to play Skyrim like it was my job. I wish I could get into a video game like that again, but I’ve pretty much lost all my interests.


I haven’t been playing video games much either lately. I like the Street Fighter franchise. I have fond memories of playing Street Fighter II Turbo for super Nintendo. I haven’t played part five yet though. I bet people who play it on twitch are amazing at it. Team Fortress I’ve heard of and seen it on steam but never played it either. It looks fun though I’m not very good in competitive games anymore.


That’s pretty funny. Skyrim is one of those great games that only comes along once in awhile. I haven’t lost interest in video games though I do find them difficult to play for extended amounts of time since I started Abilify. I usually play a few hours a week compared to before a few hours a day.


Recently I played a game called Life is Strange: Before the Storm. I really liked it. I liked the original Life is Strange game and was happy to get to know Rachel Amber, who you kept hearing about in the original game but never got to meet. This time you get to meet Rachel Amber, so I thought that was really cool.

I’ve also been playing Overwatch too.


I’m not familiar with those games. What are they like? I play mostly roleplaying games. I’ve heard good things about Overwatch. I didn’t get that game because I was worried I’d be no good.


Yeah, Street Fighter 2 Turbo was fun. Lots of good memories playing vs buddies in that game.

SFV has a strong scene on, but it’s nearing the end of its shelf life, with dwindling viewership for tournaments. Still entertaining to me though.

My competitive gaming days are past also. I’m 35, totally a casual now. Still enjoy watching others though. TFC is nothing too special, it was just a multiplayer team-based game that I glommed onto during a formative period of my upbringing. Could have been anything multiplayer, really.

What games are you into?


I play thinks like Crash Bandicoot and when it comes out next month, spyro… I also like kingdom hearts… These are all on PlayStation


I’m playing Skyrim at the moment. It’s such a great game, big immersive world to explore.


I used to play battlefield 2 with a squad. Those were fun days. We would go blow up the enemies artillery while chatting on a mic. That was during my later days in high school.


It really is. I haven’t finished it yet. Did you side with the stormcloaks or the imperials?


I play as a Woof Elf so I have to side with Imperials :stuck_out_tongue: Although what I like about the game is it’s pretty grey. Once side definitely isn’t “good” and the other “evil.” There’s a complex background to everything.


Skyrim! Haven’t sided with anyone yet, but have 100 enchanting 100 smithing and almost 100 alchemy. Swords do 520 damage apiece and I can one shot almost anything on legendary with dual wielding power attacks. I’m a necromage vampire/werewolf hybrid and do mostly side quests.

Gonna play lots of Black Ops 4 when it comes out, too.


Hahah a wood elf. Cool. I’m playing as an imperial this time. I think I might side with the empire too. They love their damned lists.


oh yeah. I played a ton of Cod World War II and followed the esport scene the entire year. If you want to watch a super competitve esports definitely follow the CoD esports.

super excited for BO4


XD yeah I always play as a wood elf in every game lol. they are cool. I like the Bretons a lot too.


Darnit, I’m a battlefield player more so than call of duty these days. I like both don’t get me wrong, it’s just that usually my friends get battlefield.


I’ve heard a ton of good things about Battlefield, honestly I’ve never played it. I’ll be looking out for the next one though, I hear it’s gonna be really good.


What are you guys playing skyrim on, console or pc?