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I watched a 15 minute playthrough of this. Looks ridiculous but a lot of fun.

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So ive been world building and making the story for my fantasy book. It got me thinking that i should go to an RP server on world of warcraft to flesh out some characters a little. Of course id have to find a guild and make more backstory for my characters. Plus itll give me more material for my book depending on who i interact with.

Im just so shy even in online games tho. Hmm :thinking: what to do…


been playing World of Warcraft classic

I’m on Kirtonos


Also, waiting for this badboy in the mail

It’s low profile gtx 1650, fits in my small pc case. Prob the most powerful that i can fit in my case


Not sure if counts but wanted try animal crossing free version not for ninetendo switch and no room phone and doesn’t work on tablet😣

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Kinda disappointed my thread was closed, I felt kind of important hosting it, now I’ve lost that. Anyway, I’ll just keep posting on this one /shrug

Neverwinter Nights 2 Enhanced Edition is in the works. Very excited for that.


I bought Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, its awesome, played 2hrs yesterday. Graphics are amazing at 4K and everything on Ultra.


I just got the last multiplayer achievement on Dead Rising 2! I was so worried about being able to get them a week ago but I kept finding parties that let me win the events I needed to win. I won the last 2 of 9 unique events in a couple matches about a half hour ago, was so tense, I’m very happy to have it behind me. Now I can get 1000/1000 points for the game.

The next challenge will be getting the multiplayer achievements for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. The friends I’ve made on DR2 don’t have DR2:OTR so I can’t use them for help, will have to find new people. I’ll worry about that later though.

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The rainbow power armor pack and rainbow pip boy paint job pack are both available today on the Creation Club shop for Fallout 4. I’ve been checking the shop every single day since last December to collect all the limited edition stuff and with these packs I now have almost everything. All I need now are the Fourth of July Power Armor paint and the Halloween Combat Armor paint. So now I don’t need to check daily anymore, just wait for the holidays.

The Fourth of July Armor increases explosive damage so I’m looking forward to that. I just like having everything for a game. By the time Halloween rolls around though, Series X will be right around the corner. However they say it will be the most backwards compatible system ever so I figure I won’t have any trouble playing Fallout 4 on it. I won’t be in a rush to get new Series X games, except for maybe the new Halo.

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I can’t believe I purchased the starter edition for FFXIV only to reinforce my negative perceptions about the game.

I finished most of the content and capped my level in under a week.

They’ve made the game even easier than it already was too apparently. Much less varied with all the classes than it was already.

People will likely think it’s a stretch to suggest the game is reflective of a deeper issue that is affecting the new generation, but I disagree… The game lacks substance, requires no patience, no communication, no strategy, … its just not fun. Everything can be accomplished by yourself and I don’t see the point of that.

I was thinking of doing a video for how to set up a controller for optimum play, but its hard to get on board with that considering how dull the game is.

Hope I don’t come off as ‘complain’-ey … I have some complaints about the complaining people who complain about complainers!

There is just… no fun/magic/excitement in this stuff anymore. Maybe its just me. Or its just the people who would complain have already moved on to other things in their life.


I used to play a Dark Knight on FF14 and my main complaint with the game is that I’d be using the same exact moves in the same exact pattern as any other Dark Knight tanking a given boss. There’s no room to try out something new, or change up your game. You just press the buttons in the right order over and over and over while dodging red circles (boss attacks). It’s very boring. The last MMORPG I played that didn’t seem to suffer from this was Everquest. I was a Druid in that game in the early 2000s and I constantly switched roles between healer, crowd control, and DPS in the same fight.


That’s my problem with the game too…

All classes feel like that and there just isn’t any room for an individual choices to alter any of the game play.

All bosses/major fights are like that too. There’s no variation to how any of it is done. You just get used to it and redo it. That and there’s no point to the loot.

There’s no unique items that offer some unique properties to your class.

I think the game caters too much to the want of ‘fairness’ that it just is too restricted.

Also, everything just feels like a DPS race. That part of it takes away the fun of doing any of your attacks too. It’s like, “I just need to make sure I don’t miss an attack or I’ll ruin my overall DPS.”.


I’m telling myself, “I’m done this time! No second chances with this game!”.

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i play world of warcraft. best game.

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So I bought an external hard drive for my Xbox One X earlier this month, and I ended up buying a Seagate drive developed for the Xbox… then I find out today that the new Xbox Series X will only play games on a hard drive if the hard drive is a Seagate hard drive. So this one should work. If I had gone with another brand I’d be screwed.

Just to be specific, Xbox One games will play off any brand of external hard drive, but the newer Xbox Series X games can only play off of the Series X’s internal hard drive or an external Seagate brand hard drive.

EDIT: Looks like I was wrong, they plan on using these special proprietary expansion cards that fit in a slot on the back. I might be looking at a costly chip just for an extra terabyte :open_mouth: The reason is because transfer speeds of USB 3 aren’t going to be fast enough to play Series X games. The 1 TB expansion card will probably retail at $249.00!


Shout out to all Fallout 4 players, there is a limited rainbow color pack for pip boys and power armor available today. It’s been available the last four days and is probably going to vanish soon. It hasn’t been up on their market since last December (I’ve been checking for it every day since then). So if you like painting your armor or your pip boy now might be your last chance for awhile:


Just got the Halo MCC on steam and have been enjoying the nostalgia, crucible is ok. Destiny 2 is fun. Warzone is my fav BR game.

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was it CD or digital? because when I wanted to buy the digital copy I saw that it requires 150G of hard disc space!..

Digital PC on Rockstar store, it needs 115Gb and I have 2x1Tb SSDs.

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