Video game thread!


Yeah I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews about fallout. I played a little fallout 4 but Once it got to all the building I gave up lol.

Think I will give fallout 76 a miss doesn’t seem like my sort of game and there seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding it and disappointment.


It might come to PC eventually.


Don’t get Fallout. It will be less than $20 any day now.

I played for about 5 hours just then. It’s empty, fallout 4 is so much better. I still liked exploring though.

Once I got disconnected from server (saw only one other person online), and booted to the start screen, and just now it just completely crashed to the xbox dashboard… lol typical Bethesda jankiness… they should not have attempted a MMO type game with their archaic engine!


I bought Fallout 76 at full price hoping it would be as good as Fallout 4. No such luck.

I have a couple of friends I play coop games with, if they get it I may play it again. Lots of these games are improved with extra people.


Hey @Tomcat – this could be the holy grail of home gaming:

Just … wow.



That is nuts. How much you think that setup cost him? :water_buffalo::water_buffalo::water_buffalo:


God of war is an amazing game


My neighbor refused to play Red Dead Redpt 2 as he feels the developer screwed gamers over. I have no idea what he’s talking about. It’s a wonderful game.


Oh boy. I’ve been binge playing Neverwinter Nights 2 for the past three days or so. My inner DnD+roleplay geek has been reawakened. My character has made many friends in game on a multiplayer server. It sounds super geeky to enact a character in a video game but man does time seem to fly when engaged in fantastic plots of invasions, betrayals, and friendships. I’ve been roleplaying a lawful goodly aligned character. I think I’ve surpassed my previous geekiness by far.


Loved those games. I finished number one but never have finished NW 2. I might just have to revisit. A highlight of the d&d computer games!


Yeah. I’m a little paranoid about mentioning which server by name I’m playing on (not paranoid about sharing it with you) in case it would link to on recent searches. Let’s just say it is based on an even older DnD PC game… hint hint which recently released a new expansion after over a decade of being released.

I finished the first one as well long ago and made it about midway through the second one’s singleplayer campaign before getting hooked on the player made modules and servers. It’s hard to believe both games are reaching near 20 years old. I agree they are a DnD on PC masterpiece.

I haven’t told anyone of my illness in real life on there though I have a feeling some might suspect I’m unemployed now with the amount of time I have been playing.


I got like 20 old games in these christmas sales, all for PC, right now I’m playing Star Wars Episode I Racer, I used to play it like 20 years ago on my N64,they released a remaster for steam, such a great game.


So the new Ace Combat for PS4 is delayed till the end of this month. It looks awesome. Hopefully Redbox will stock it. Yup! I’m cheap. I’m a try before you buy skunk.


I’m scared to find out in case I can afford it. That would easily be my next obsession.


I love the Ace Combat series. Let me know if it turns out good if you get it when it releases.


I got Halo: The master chief collection for Xbox One and man I’m having the best gaming time ever, I’m playing the first one, I played 3, 4, Reach and 5 back in the day, I had never played the first 2, this is such a great collection, get it if you own an Xbox One!


I’ve been playing Path of Exile on pc. It is free to download and play. People say it is what Diablo 3 should have been.


The thread lives! I’ve never tried PoE but I’ve heard it mentioned. Diablo 3 skills are all useless unless you get the specific armor set for it, and strategies seem to come down to which set you wear. I mean I can do an extra 4000% damage with my skeletons in this armor? Why would I ever use them without that armor, knowing that. Diablo 2 didn’t have these armor sets that dictated your playstyle by buffing abilities beyond belief.

I’m getting the new super mario brothers for switch when it comes out in a couple days. I am also alternating doing well and getting the crap beat out of me in Smash Brothers Ultimate.


Path of Exile is great. I recently purchased Tales of Vesperia for the Nintendo switch. It has been fun. I really liked Tales of Graces F for the PS3. I’m enjoying this one so far. The only thing I miss is being able to able to dodge by holding the block button and double tapping back. You can still dodge by double tapping back just not while blocking. It makes it a little less effective as sometimes you still end up getting hit and taking more damage than by blocking. I’m also growing a little tired of using the same character though there is an item later that allows you to change characters during battle.


Does anybody here play the multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV on ps4? I’ve been looking forward to playing that with some friends.