Video game thread!


No Man’s Sky.




Haven’t played it. I heard good things about it when it was released and have heard it is much better now after updates. As far as No Man’s Sky is concerned. I don’t know much about it except that the people who enjoy it really like it. I’m sure someone else here has better input.


I downloaded Octopath Traveler. I’m playing as the thief and just started. It’s pretty cool. I stopped getting the Final Fantasies after the first chapter of FF13.


What a coincidence I started as the thief as well. I still haven’t finished it. I’ve nearly collected all 8 travelers. It’s a fun game. I just wish the travelers had more interaction between them. As far as I know they only directly talk to each other before being recruited. I hope that changes on each character’s second and third chapters. The gameplay is fun with the breaking of guards with particular skills. The thief is always in my party. I’d recommend you upgrade the steal skill with the 50% chance of attacking while stealing and steal from everything you can. :slight_smile: saved me loads on healing items. When you level up you regain your hp and mp.


It was fun at the start, even though people blasted it on reviews. I had fun on it. There’s an expansion named Next that is supposed to add more content and fix stuff based on people’s complaints probably.


Did anyone ever play Second Life? I spent a good year of my life on there in my mid twenties. I was even a DJ in one of the SL clubs lol. Looking back on it now, that’s kind of embarrassing.


That’s super funny. It sounds like you were super cool in that game. Don’t worry it can’t be any more geeky than my roleplaying characters in my dungeons and dragons games.


I’m currently playing breath of the wild. But let’s just say this game doesn’t exactly hold your hand. I’m more into my switch these days.


I’ve recently gotten into playin Pixelmon, which is a Pokemon mod for Minecraft.
That’s kinda fun :smile:


I’m a sucker for video games. I recently purchased a PC game called Breach on Steam. I got it on a whim. Wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not. It turned out to be a very fun 4 player cooperative game. So far I haven’t been able to finish a single stage with a team of three other randoms each time. Still the game is fun. I look forward to improving on it. When it finally releases it will be free to play with microtransactions to get stuff earlier for real money. It seems these things can be unlocked in game if one is willing to spend time playing it. So far I’d say it’s a 7.8 or so. The game is just somehow really fun.


Breath of the Wild is loads of fun. I had to buy the guide for it. It’s funny because my 11 year old godson managed to finish it on his own. I’m proud of him, but here I am at 30 and I haven’t passed it.


I don’t know what it is but I downgraded from Neverwinter Nights 2 to the first one. It feels a lot more polished. I played Neverwinter Nights 1 for about 8 hours yesterday. Jeez, I hadn’t had a gaming session like that in years. I created a Spellblade. Basically a wizard with a sword who can also imbue his blade with spells aside from being able to cast them. He feels much weaker than my other character but is fun to use. I grouped up with several others throughout the day. Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying… sounds so geeky. It is very fun to me.


I want to be an expert in video games… that’s why I so lazy can’t stick to one game😞


I am trading my life for video games


If only I could now how to give up myself to video games


I got red dead redemption 2 for Christmas and I just bought Injustice 2 but my negative symptoms are keeping me from wanting to play. Shame, I was really looking forward to red dead redemption 2. Hopefully one day soon I’ll get the motivation to play it.


Still on smash brothers as Ken and sometimes Ryu, currently mastering the art of the spike (Down-air on an opponent who is mid-air past the edge of the stage) which kills instantly even at low percentages.

These battle arenas are frustrating, the winner stays and the loser goes to the back of the line. If the guy who made the room loses, he often kicks out the players in line ahead of him so he can play faster. I keep getting kicked by the host when it’s my turn, only way to avoid this is make my own room so nobody can kick but me, and I don’t kick. These kids and their patience levels, sigh.


So today I’m gonna dive back into Kerbal Space Program. Might have to redo the tutorial but that’s okay. Lately my PS4 has been nothing more than a DVD player.



Maximum excitement here.


I just found out about the RE2 remake! I cant wait to play it.