The Exercise Thread #3

Hey folks,

So glad we made it to nearly 2,000 posts on the exercise thread.

If your still wondering exercise is really good for you and newer research says it helps with symptoms and the general malaise of mental illness.

So get your gear on. Get your pump on and find something you can do to keep moving. If your moving your less of a target so find something you like to get you going. Yoga. Walking. Weights. There’s plenty of low impact ways even people with mental illness can find to get better outcomes and yes…exercise really does help me and others so it can help you too!

Much peace and carrot cake!


And saying that. Had a rest day from lifting weights as it’s important for recovery and still some time to go but 12, 773 steps up. Will do my regular 13,500 today that is a daily goal on my fitbit.

Keep working!


@roguetwo hey, that’s cool about 2000 posts but exercise has always been a big topic on here, I think we all need it, i think its recommended to walk at least 1 mile every day here for general health.

I have to admit i don’t do this every day but i still stay active. & when the weather is better I’ll jump on my ebike & get some.

I’m going for a little weekend away soon and my friend is going to give me a tour around his new village & surrounding area, it should be fun :slight_smile: some walking.

I’d also like to get back to the pool, its nice, they have a sauna & sunbeds, its very relaxing, the last time i went i used my new goggles & they were great. really good but I’ve not been back for a while :frowning: Idk, i’s kind of busy now :frowning:


I’m doing 2 hour walks! It feels good.

In the frost may I add.


I’ve been slacking with my stationary bike. I feel my butt and thighs growing bigger as I sit here. :innocent:

I’m 10 days into getting back into working out. Have done three walks and three indoor cardio sessions.

I also have ankle and wrist weights for strength training, but have only used them twice. Right now I’m focusing on cardio, and will make a new goal to add consistent ST once the cardio becomes a regular habit.

Will update here as I go and support everyone else as well.

The old thread had so many replies it was overwhelming. But I’m happy to jump in on the new one. Always good to have positive contributions. :smiling_face:

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my isometrics on my upper body have me feeling great…slowly I’m getting big arms again…I used to really work out before I got ill…this makes me so happy. great thread. too.

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Did a heavy 20 minute walk a few minutes ago. No matter which way I go from my house, there’s crazy hills. Hurts when I’ve been out of shape for awhile. Yuck. :face_exhaling:

Also gonna do about 15 minutes of housework soon. My mom’s coming tomorrow and I dont want her to see the state of my carpets and bathroom sink. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I walked 19 miles in three days in NYC. That was a lot! :flushed:


Exercise related question…

I thought that exercising was supposed to give you an endorphin high and make you feel good.

It’s the polar opposite for me.

Within 30 minutes after a workout, my mood has plummeted and I’m fighting back tears all day.

This happened the last time i started working out, well over a month.

I’m asking my pnurse about it this afternoon, but I’m wondering if this happens to anyone else. I’m tired of feeling despondent after I exercise. It scared me off last time. I want to stick with it now


Exercise doesn’t ever make me feel sad, but I feel kind of sad when winter is coming.
I went for a half hour brisk walk today.

Doesn’t happen to me. I feel amazing after I finish exercising.

Im sorry you’re dealing with this. Maybe you need to try a different type of exercise. Or maybe you need to push yourself a bit harder to get more of those feel good chemicals.

Talk to your doc about this.

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I got out for a walk today. The wind was cold and made my eyes run and run. Luckily, no one asked me if I was crying.

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I haven’t heard of this before so I asked Bing for help:

Low mood after exercise is a common phenomenon that can be caused by a variety of factors. According to a report by ABC News Science, intense exercise can cause the release of hormones, neurotransmitters, and other substances that kick off a bunch of complex chemical reactions in your brain1. These reactions can lead to a range of emotions, including sadness and anxiety. The report also suggests that physical experiences during intense exercise, such as sweating and increased heart rate, can be closely aligned with the symptoms of anxiety1.

Another possible cause of low mood after exercise is overtraining. According to Verywell Fit, overtraining can lead to depression2.

It is important to note that low mood after exercise can also be caused by other factors such as poor sleep habits, lack of exercise, or an underlying illness3. If you are experiencing persistent low mood after exercise, it is recommended that you speak with a healthcare professional to determine the underlying cause.


That’s very helpful, thank you! Maybe I am overdoing it. I’m going from over a year of being completely sedentary, so maybe I need to work up to even 20 minutes, and not exercise every day to start.

I’m in a bigger body than last time I worked out - 50 pounds higher, thanks to too many bad choices.

Yes, I see Denise in 15 minutes (my pnurse). I already have it high on the agenda!


Denise says it’s a combination of factors -

One is that I have been trying to do more than my body is capable of doing right now. She’s told me to do five minutes only for two weeks. Then increase to seven minutes for two weeks. Then ten minutes for two weeks. She said the overexertion of trying to move my bigger body for more than it is capable of doing is causing me to not only burn through my meds quicker, but also stressing my body so it’s rebelling.

The other issue is that I am under an extreme amount of stress with my husband’s illness for the past month. My tolerance for additional stress is compromised.

Chris doesn’t even have an explanation for half of what has him out on short term disability. They only name symptoms, but no one has a diagnosis or prognosis. They can only tell him he’s outlived his life expectancy for the conditions he has. But no one seems to be able to actually do anything. His illness flared last September-November, this past April-June, and now since Halloween. So I’ve gotten very little time that I didn’t have to worry.

I don’t want to derail this thread about my personal stress - I am just bringing it up here because it directly relates to my exercise intolerance.

So - overdoing my workouts, doing too much too soon, burning through my meds too quickly, and not being able to handle the physical stress because my pressure release valve for my emotional stress is already at its limit.

Makes sense. Don’t comment on my personal stresses here - I want to keep it relevant to exercise and not mess up a new thread. :wink: :purple_heart:

Thanks for the replies about this though!


@Shmookitty - Sorry for telling you that you might need to push harder in my earlier reply. Clearly I was wrong. Listen to your doctor, not some random internet dude like myself :wink:

Took a rest day today, back to weight training tomorrow :muscle:


Yeah ease into it and take the advice. I feel good after exercise but it takes me a lot to get going. My negatives still bite hard so play around with your output and ease into it. It takes a while to build up things like muscle and discipline. It really does when you come from sitting on your ass for an age.

I’m glad your recognise it and look after that mental health first and foremost! I’m still glad to hear you trying hard which sometimes I wish I had that motivation. Negatives really do bite for me but I’m getting there.

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6200 steps and 15 min of Beat Saber.


No weights and another rest day as it was yard day and a break between the rain.

Glad I did as a 45 minute session with the whipper snipper in the yard was exercise enough. Glad I got it done though now as weather looks bleak.

Still. 8,500 steps so below normal for me but upper body feeling it from weilding the 2 stroke axe for that long!