Ive got to change my life

I used to drink a ton of soda. I loved cherry coke when they put it out. I loved kettle cooked chips, and regular chocolate. Pizza was sooo good. It’s hard to give up.

If you have a bit of extra money, I recommend two books (they’re for seniors, but I think they’d be good for a younger person who has health issues…sometimes it’s good to think outside the box). These books have helped me. I’m not a senior, but am 49 and out of shape. Really out of shape. Motivation with SZ is not strong. There’s an accountability thread for Exercise on this site that can help us. I’m going to use it more often. Let me go find the link.

Here it is:
The Exercise Thread #3 - Health and Recovery - Schizophrenia.com

These books are still on Amazon, I think. I got mine from amazon.ca…but if you’re in the USA, then amazon.com might still have them.

Fitness Freedom for Seniors; 20 Simple Yoga Positions to Regain your Strength and Independence, by Jackie Jacobs

Fitness Freedom for Seniors; 15-minute Strength Training Workouts to Reclaim Your Balance, Energy and Confidence, by Jackie Jacobs