The Exercise Thread #3

I did a couple of laps around the oval for 2 days with my support workers this week


Just finished lifting weights in my basement. Arm day (My favorite haha) will do legs and chest tomorrow.

Happy exercising internet friends!


Back into weights today and got a good chest/back session in. Looking at around 10k steps as it’s horribly hot and humid so no outside exercise today. I really need to get out post dawn and get a run in but it’s so hard to get that motivated at 5am.

Anyways. Hope ya’ll had a good day exercise wise. Keep trying. It’s worth the effort.


Was in the hospital for my husband’s surgery yesterday, but logged in about 20-25 minutes of walking between the outpatient surgery center, the cafeteria, the pharmacy, etc


I got in two walks yesterday. Once to the drug store (where I bought yet another self-help book) and once to the grocery store (where I carried home six cans of soup, three per bag). :slight_smile:


I invested in a great fitness app called Be Healthy Enough.

It’s a trainer who focuses on women over 50 - I’m 53 - and it has a ton of different workouts plus educational videos.

Started watching Amy on YouTube and had downloaded a bunch of her videos. I’m happy to pay her annual membership to support her.

Also bought a folding chair for doing chair cardio as well as stretching and balance work.

I am bound and determined to make a lifelong lifestyle change. I have loads of time since I’m on full disability.


I went out and got groceries very early. That was my exercise, because they were heavy. We’re supposed to get up to 30 cm of snow this afternoon and overnight.

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Well. I tried working out with only five minutes cardio as my pnurse ordered, and I am still getting suicidal depression.

I canceled my fitness app during the seven day free trial, and canceled the orders for resistance bands and dumbbells.

Maybe someday I can do that, but that day is not anywhere close to today.

I am going to just stick to stretching and pelvic floor exercises and hope I will be able to do more later. I will try hard, I just hope I am not always this discouraged. :frowning:

Yeah you’ve got to look out for your mental health first and foremost. I’m sorry you can’t get into it but keep asking your treatment team whilst your going. You may find some answers as doctors tend to see a lot of the weirder things we experience over time. I hope you find some answers.

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Good arms/shoulders workout in today. Seeing my shrink tomorrow midday but it’s an hour and a half round trip so worked out to have a rest day tomorrow. Will try to go for a run early tomorrow to keep that up as did 1.8km run today.

It’s so bloody hot out here so unless it’s early the exercise becomes uncomfortable. Did my weights in the tin shed around 11:30 am and was sweating bullets. New plan is to get everything done early moving into the summer. Just got to get it done.


I went to the oval today, it was 30c down here in Melbourne so I thought I’ll go outside and get some sun, I did 5 laps walking and 4 sets of push ups on a seating bench each time I finished a lap for about half an hour then went home as it was mid afternoon and didn’t want to spend to much time in the sun and get burnt, after a little rest at home I use my dumbells and did 5 sets of 10 of shoulder press, bicep curls, chest press and back rows, I felt good, sweated alot because of the heat and just chilled out in the evening


I got out for a walk today, even though it was a bit of a slushy mess outside.

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I’m sorry it didn’t work out.

2Days without responses ?

Cmon peeps. I honestly had a cheat day on diet and ate 2 burgers today that totally overkilled my carb load for the day but don’t regret it.

Meanwhile. It’s so bloody hot and with a rest day tomorrow and a bit of muscle soreness from increasing my lifting intensity lately I did a mild day with my minimum 13, 500 steps and for leg day did good sets of bodyweight rather than weights…

I need to do my workouts earlier as the steel shed is getting way too hot for it to be comfortable so seeing the boys tomorrow on a rest day then it’s into early workouts…

What have ya’ll been doing peeps? Lets get it going!!!


I need to do more biking for sure and love the setup. I have a road bike but looking into getting a trainer for it so I can do it in the house watching tv. That sounds my kinda exercise but I have a good block where if no one is parked it’s pretty safe from cars…

Trouble is it goes by the river and the bloody wind in the afternoons is nuts. I need to ride and exercise early but find it hard to get going so my new thing is get out early.

How is the new setup going for you?

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i did my workout yesterday with pull ups, bench press, shoulder press and trizeps press. Unfortunately, I can’t get to my weights yet because I’ve taken a break… i will go jogging today, because the snow has melted :slight_smile:


Wind in the winter is tough to deal with. Some people like the outdoors. Not me. :smile:

The new set up is good. I was 209 lbs in the summer. Now I’m down to 197 lbs. :slight_smile:

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I got in a walk today. Ate very healthy all day. Go, me! :slight_smile:

I’m getting back into the efforts of working up slowly.

Did 15 minutes of walking today broken up into 5 minute increments. My mood started going wrong, but I drank a 12 oz Gatorade and that fixed it.

My pnurse and I tweaked my med cocktail dosing, including lowering my huge dose of Lamictal. We were both concerned that it was making me depressed, which would affect my ability to exercise.

Did my pelvic floor workout as well.

Have eaten healthy for 5 days straight.

Have lost 7 pounds so far, toward a goal of losing a total of 60 pounds. My size 20 jeans will be too big very soon. I’m guessing I’ll be in 18s in five more pounds down.


Quiet day today so had a bit of a rest day. Over 12,000 steps so should do my minimum 13,500 and did some more bodyweight leg exercises. Held over a rest day as I like to start Sunday moving forward so my next rest day is wed which is payday so always have a good time on payday diet wise.

Other than that feeling really good. Must be doing the weights right because I feel the soreness but it’s not too bad…so it’s working. Had a bit of a break on the diet so back behaving today too so getting back into that takes me some energy. Good to hear what you’ve been up to peeps!

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