Physical Exercise

so i went to the gym tonight,

i want to get into shape and stuff

i did the body balance class which is a mix of tai chi, yoga and pillates

it was very relaxing and i didnt need to pay (they just said i could try it)

i said idk if i will be back but i am hoping you know,

then i walked it home lol

anyone do some exercise?


No, not today. But yesterday walked four miles. Have never walked that far in my life!


That’s great @Resilient1! I have been having avolation really bad since last doctor appointment so I’m not really handling cleaned the house yesterday but have not checked the mail and stuff. I’m going try to push myself today but I don’t want take a bath. But I feel more motivated now.

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I’ve been walking back and forth briskly in my room for two hours a day - an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. That’s about right for me. The doctor recommended that I exercise.


Yesterday I started riding my bike again. 2 years ago I was doing like 15 miles a day and I lost about 70 pounds. I gained most of the weight back so I am trying to lose it again. I only went like 2.6 miles and my legs were killing me. Im hoping each week to add more distance to it.


Not really. I walk everywhere I go. That sounds like a good class.

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That is nice. I took my schizophrenia on a 20 min jog and when I got to the basketball court I ran sprints. In all plus walk home 30minutes

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I usually do jogging several times on week in a little forest near home; I swim every weekend. :blush:

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I have a ruteen I do ever night for my back, it dose help keep me flixing but I need weight off and cant run it off,


First… lots of lifting and digging and walking for work.

Then after, a nice long gentle swim to stretch out and relax the muscles.

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I was lifting and riding bike pretty much everyday for years but lately my SCREWED UP mind has taken over so I’m gaining lots of weight.

I’m sure the 12pk that I’m slamming when I have the time isn’t helping much but it’s my meds so what can you do?