🗯⁉:one::two: Say Anything the Twelfth :one::two:🗣📣


i drank so much coffee i got sick of it. after 3 years i finally have had enough, my last cup. on to the next thing i guess


That’s great. I wish I was coding right now. But I just don’t no where to find the time. I have OCD and attention to detail so I spend way too much time going over things until they are perfect. I’m working on Go-Daddy website builder. Our website is pretty good so far. With the time I spend as a caregiver, and getting people to do their part of the job, I’m learning people skills. I’m learning about the differences in hosting companies. Next step is wordpress. Then I want to go back to coding.


so I’m going to start playing golf now. which is funny because i don’t have much money to waste. i tried once before but i totally sucked, for the first couple years I’m just going to hit balls into the net in my yard.

playing golf is almost part of the job if you want to work grounds at a golf course. only thing is by the time your done working you just want to go home and relax. if only i was young again, id have the energy to work and play in the same day.

oh well…i guess its life of leisure for me…should give me a hobby to work at


I’m going to take a shower and wash my hair. Tomorrow morning I’ll do laundry. Yay me! :heart_eyes:


Oh that’s an ordeal - sorry @anon1571434. I hope you can get a resolution soon. Have you experienced this symptom before?


No. It’s something recent.




I love watching mama cats rassle their smartmouthed kittens.



According to Albert Einstein, simultaneity is relative. Thus from one frame of reference, event A may occur before event B. Yet elsewhere, from another frame of reference, both event A and B appear to occur at the same time, and, elsewhere it seems as though event B occurs before event A.

Now Einstein had two wives, one after another.

But, from some other frame of reference, did not Einstein seem to have two wives at the same time.


Being a mother is difficult. Being a schizophrenic mom is just sad. I’m sad.


No you’re not, you’re awesome! :stars:


Thank you Arturo :blush:



I haven’t been jogging in several days,

Today, I’m out of excuses and about to head out for a jog.

Its going to kick my ass…


You are going to kick IT’S ASS. YOU!


My back is absolutely killing me today, has been since last night, and I really don’t think I did anything to set it off.

Is your surgery this week, @goldenrex? We want before and after pictures!


Its Friday,

I’m so nervous and excited!

And I’ve got no shame, there will be before and after pictures of my frankenboobs.

Sorry about your back,

Few things are worse than back pain, it effects your whole body.


Yeah, you could pm such pics to me if you like, I won’t complain. :wink:

I don’t know how I’m going to get through my shift tonight, being on my feet pretty much all night. I have no choice, though, have to go to work tonight. I missed my last three shifts at the gas station, can’t miss again.