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My nurse practitioner is again super unsure about what’s going on with me. I am frustratingly now being told that I’m definitely not fitting into any clean box, including any SZ-spectrum disorder. She thinks it’s now more high functioning psychosis even though I feel like I’m functioning way worse than I was. :frowning: She’s also being very insistent about neuro appointments, so I’m worried it might be a tumor or epilepsy now


That probably isn’t it. They might just want a brain scan to be getting a better idea of what’s going on.


It’s very frustrating for me because it’s hard to get medical services here with my insurance, so I’m stuck in a gross limbo of not knowing what’s wrong


I understand. That sounds very frustrating.


CPR classes were cancelled today. Which is good because I forgot about them. Reasons being were inclement weather and low enrollment.


Does anyone know off the top of their head what the maximum dose of sarcosine is? I did a quick search but I’m not having luck finding it.


I asked once if I can take more than 4 gr and the admin told me it has not been tested


sooo today I had my appointment with my doc. she kept the same high dose of risperidone until all voices fade away. she promised that when i will recover I will be able to think straight again and even get a job. but currently I am still in an active psychotic phase.


Hey so many of you liked my posts. Sorry for creating a scene… Thanks! No it is not my first job but I have not held a job for longer than 3 months.


I went to the dentist and came back. Next, I have to do one ceramic tooth and I have to remove my wisdom teeth. In a month I guess.

I am drinking chamomile tea, I cleaned the apartment and finished most pending work for today.

I am still hesitant to actually shower at the gym. I don’t think I will. I will come home and wash my hair. The water is a little bit lukewarm so I think it should be fine.


Baby LED is having a bowl of sour cream and hot sauce for lunch. It was supposed to be dip for her quesadilla, but she’s just eating the dip. 🤦🤷


Sweet baby @LED.


I ate a vegan quesadilla on saturday evening, it was horrible! Not good.

I will leave to my yoga class in 30 minutes. Then when I come home, I will eat a salad.

Then shower and sleep around 9 because I have to wake up very early tomorrow morning. I have an appointment at the beauty salon at 10:30

Wish I could skip going to the movies to watch 50 shades freed. I don’t know :confused:


My life is such shambles. Wake up, gym, eat & sleep several times for the rest of the day. If I’m not hungry, I’m sleepy. If I’m not sleepy I’m hungry. It’s a bad sleepiness where I can’t focus if I try to stay awake and get depressed.


That sounds really frustrating. I’m sorry. Can you talk to your doctor? Do you think it could be meds?


No & maybe. I always have to wait until I schedule my appointment to speak with my doctor because the clinic works that way. I cannot contact my doctor in anyway until I see them in office. Which is at most once in 2 weeks. Right now i’m waiting 2 months at a time and they’ll probably put me back on 3 months at a time because I’m “stable”


Officially quit my job of 1 week. I will probably wait to substitute teach to see if that is better. I also applied to part time after school ta jobs and heard back from one place. Maybe that would be less stressful… I will work on my coding and try to learn enough to make web apps. Who knows maybe I will have to work from home.


30 minutes then I go to bed :bed: