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its time for a post a selfie the third thread


also WHERE IS @way12go?!

Life is a movie with hidden script and everything else is absent
Life is a movie with hidden script and everything else is absent

i cannot regulate my emotions and they are consuming me and i pray for death :pray:


Here comes sagar @way12go … keep coming back…


Have you tried mindfulness therapy? I had this same problem and mindfulness was the only thing that helped.


Life is a movie with hidden script and everything else is absent.

Quote by guy named S… G… (Sagar Gorijala - random name) and all other quotes made by me/him are either garbage or redundant or of lower quality than this quote. This quote is his/my best quote and reveals the truth and journey of life in a single sentence/statement. I am happy that I finally nailed the coffin of truth and it is the only key I was searching for and happy me that I finally found the key.

Thanks friends.


@way12go what are u upto…?? Kya karraheho app bade bhai…!!!


Oh, Sagar, it is lovely to hear from you again.


for the past several hours i was really psychotic and sleeping, having constant nightmares too. it was hellish! woke up from it and feel a little better but the negative symptoms are back and severe. isnt it weird how they cycle like that?


ive heard of that but idk what it really is. my emotions come so intense and fast idk how to react to them

im thinking of taking all of my clonidine. idt itll kill me i just want to be put out for a while or something


I’m having terrible mood swings tonight.

I’ll be ok though.

I hope you all are feeling at peace. :peace_symbol: :hugs:


i feel totally out of control of my sexuality lately, have been getting off to nasty things on the internet and having very dark self defeating thoughts, i just feel so disgusting and weird. but once im into it i have no sense of disgust, afterwards the guilt is extreme.

im lucid in my normal mind somewhat but when it comes to masturbation, im totally out of control. like driving 100mph on the freeway on mania, my addiction keeps getting worse and worse. im even having disgusting dreams, so there is no place in my mind im safe from this thinking.


my heart is racing lately, and feels weak when im at rest. is it the meds?


We are on the way home. Gonna brush my teeth, relax for a while.


i just took nine of my clonidine, i already took my normal dose of three today and then the nine. i want to go to sleep.


Definitely don’t do that!

Mindfulness is basically learning to observe your emotions rather than be swept away by them. It has a lot in common with meditation and often includes it.

Here’s one super quick mindfulness trick:

There are books on it, websites about different tips and exercises, workbooks, therapists who can teach you, etc.

For me, the most useful practice I learned is to allow myself to feel an emotion - don’t fight it, just observe what is happening to me when I feel it, like I’m a scientist. Like, if I remember a loved one who recently died, I take a moment to let myself feel sad. I observe how my throat tightens, how my nose stings, how my breath gets shallow, how my eyes fill with tears. I don’t fight any of it.

Amazingly, it lets the emotion flow through me and pass. I didn’t expect that to be true, but it works without fail.


@korieve. If you’ve taken too much clonidine, you should have someone take you to the ER to get checked out or call 911.


my mom is telling me im going to be admitted to the psych ward because of this

that just makes me want to take more lol


@korieve If you’re feeling badly to the point where you’re taking too many pills, I’m thinking the hospital might be the safest place for you right now. It’s important to be in a safe place until you feel better. I’m sure your mom is very worried about you.